Advanced Obedience

What Does Obedience Mean To You?

Rochie Wang

Most people think of sitting, lying down, coming when called, walking on a loose leash, and staying when instructed to do so.

Others think it means not barking, not jumping up, not begging at the table, and generally being a good citizen.

We take things a little bit further.

Sure, we think all of the above are a good place to start, but we would expect those things of a five month old puppy.

Our standards are a little higher.

  • We expect dogs to sit automatically and offer their paw to strangers.
  • We expect dogs to lie down in the corner and not move while the evening meal is being prepared, and then eaten.
  • We expect dogs to stop at curbs and refuse to step forward until their owner tells them explicitly to do so… even when chasing a ball that the owner has thrown.
  • We expect dogs to come running to their owner when called at the off-leash dog park, roaring past other dogs and other people with treats and then skidding to a halt to sit at the owner’s feet.
  • We expect dogs to heel with full focus on the owner even in busy surroundings, like at a farmer’s market.
  • We expect dogs to hold a stay command while balls are bounced part their noses, treats waved in their face, and while people jump over them.
  • We expect dogs to be able to ignore treats left on their paws, and walk past candy wrappers without picking them up.
  • We expect dogs to refuse to take a bite of hot dog waved in their face by careless toddlers.
  • We expect dogs to walk into an empty room, see a delicious dinner laid out unattended on the table, and refuse to go up and even sniff it.
  • We expect dogs to stubbornly insist on behaving well, even when they are being encouraged to be bad.

But don’t worry.

If your dog hasn’t quite mastered “sit” or “down”, we’ll happily start there.

We believe that any dog and any breed can be trained to the above levels of obedience. It just takes some work, some patience, and some know-how.

Is Your Dog “Stubborn”?

Some clients tell us that their dog is stubborn.

This is very likely, especially if you have a Bulldog, Shiba Inu, Chow Chow, Beagle, or other famously strong-willed breed.

We think that’s great.

No, really!

Stubborn dogs are some of the best for obedience work, because once you get their attitudes set right, it can be hard to convince them to be bad!

It’s the stubborn dogs who are best at refusing to walk off of a curb until you give the OK, who refuse to take food from a tempting toddler’s fist, who refuse to break a down-stay until you release them, and who insist on sitting and offering a paw no matter how much they are encouraged to jump up on someone.

The problem is, most of these dogs are insisting on being bad while their owners try to wheedle, plead, cajole and force the dog into being good.

That’s backwards.

Our methods will change your dog’s mindset from thinking “no, you can’t convince ME to be good!” to “no, you can’t fool ME into being bad!”

We call that wagging the dog. 

good dog greg

Let us help you turn your dog into the dog you’ve always dreamed of having.

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