Hoop Jump

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Teach your dog to jump through a hula hoop! You probably have one lying around, and if not, they aren’t hard to come by, which makes this trick an easy bet for summer fun! What you’ll need: A hula hoop large enough for your dog to jump through, treats, and an adult dog. You can find hula hoops at toy stores and dollar stores. Make sure that the hoop isn’t designed to make noise,  drain any noisemaking beads if necessary … Continue reading “Hoop Jump”

Group Classes at The Bark Lounge

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Have you heard of The Bark Lounge? It’s a 24 hour dog daycare/indoor dog park located on Barnett Highway in Coquitlam, next to Trail Appliances and across from Bosley’s, and we think it’s great. They have several rooms for the dogs to play in, and they take the dogs out for active urban agility hikes. They are a great option for folks who work night shifts because they have staff there overnight. You should check it out, especially if you or … Continue reading “Group Classes at The Bark Lounge”

The Key To House Training Success Is Supervision

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Total Supervision Outside of sleeping, puppies really don’t do too much; you can expect that unless they are eating, chewing, or playing, they are looking for a place to pee. Don’t let them wander off behind the couch or up the stairs without you, don’t let them out in the yard or to hang out in the kids’ room without your total supervision. Use a leash tied to your waist, kennels, crates, and exercise pens to accomplish this. Don’t let … Continue reading “The Key To House Training Success Is Supervision”

Martin The Deaf Bulldog: A Deaf Puppy Can Be A Wonderful Gift

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If you looked at Martin, you’d say he was a perfect English Bulldog. His muzzle is long enough that he can breathe relatively comfortably. He’s lean, he’s fit, he’s adorable. But after they brought him home, Martin’s proud owners began to notice that their puppy didn’t seem to be responding to sounds. A trip to the vet confirmed their fears: Martin was deaf. Their vet put them in touch with our trainer, Carol, and over the next couple of months … Continue reading “Martin The Deaf Bulldog: A Deaf Puppy Can Be A Wonderful Gift”

Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make: Not Watching The Puppy!

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In this series we discuss some of the most common errors we see owners make, and how to address them. Letting The Puppy Discover How Good It Is To Be Bad Puppies are constantly learning about the good and bad the world, and unlike you and me, their definitions of “good” and “bad” don’t involve morality. Dogs don’t understand right and wrong. If a dog gets to eat food, and it tastes good, then that is good. If they try … Continue reading “Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make: Not Watching The Puppy!”