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Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make: Not Watching The Puppy!

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In this series we discuss some of the most common errors we see owners make, and how to address them. Letting The Puppy Discover How Good It Is To Be Bad Puppies are constantly learning about the good and bad the world, and unlike you and me, their definitions of “good” and “bad” don’t involve morality. Dogs don’t understand right and wrong. If a dog gets to eat food, and it tastes good, then that is good. If they try … Continue reading “Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make: Not Watching The Puppy!”

Featured This Month: Walnut Struts His Stuff

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Meet Walnut, a 1 year old Havanese Mix and our Wag The Dog of the Month! Walnut’s eagerness to learn and his family’s willingness to keep raising their goals for him higher and higher have more than earned him a feature on our website. Check out how far this young dog has come in the past 9 months… Walnut’s Bio: Walnut came to Wag The Dog as a 4 month old puppy with a tendency to nip, snap, pull on … Continue reading “Featured This Month: Walnut Struts His Stuff”

Deconstructing Dominance: The Science Behind Wag The Dog

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Is Your Dog Fighting For Dominance? Perhaps one of the most commonly touted tenets of dog training is “be the leader”. Whether the family dog is jumping up, growling, biting, or tugging at the leash, owners are advised by professionals and dog hobbyists alike to “lead the pack”. It sounds good, and it’s an easy line for lay people to take – “Oh, your dog is misbehaving? You need to be the pack leader and be more dominant.” Advice for … Continue reading “Deconstructing Dominance: The Science Behind Wag The Dog”

Controlling Your Dog’s Fear

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Along with more exercise, one of the most common blanket-solutions for various dog behavior problems is Obedience Training, and many of our clients wonder “why?” After all, if we’ve been called in to see a dog who is terrified of trucks, why are we talking about down-stays and sit-stays? Isn’t that like going to see a doctor for a sore ankle and being told you need to massage your left arm? First, let me say that obedience training is not … Continue reading “Controlling Your Dog’s Fear”

Can Your Child Walk The Dog?

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Walking safely on leash is one of the most important forms of controlling your dog. A dog who tugs and pulls at the leash is not only annoying, but a danger to himself and others. Even a small dog can yank a leash out of his unsuspecting owner’s fingers and dash in front of a car. A large dog can do the same, but can also pull his owner right into the road with him. Owners of large dogs can … Continue reading “Can Your Child Walk The Dog?”

Solve Your Dog’s Behavior Problem With One Easy Step

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We see dogs with a variety of behavior problems: Anxiety Aggression Barking Destructive Behavior and many more. All of these problems require different approaches, and every dog requires his or her own unique set of steps to achieve a solution. But there is one thing that almost all of our cases have in common: Exercise. Many of the dogs we see are under exercised. Others dogs get a lot of one kind of exercise but not enough of another. One … Continue reading “Solve Your Dog’s Behavior Problem With One Easy Step”

New Article In Animal Wellness Magazine!

Posted on April 7, 2012Categories Dogs

You may want to keep an eye out for Animal Wellness Magazine, because trainer Carol Millman has published an article in their current April/May edition! Learn about the process of training a single assistance dog from start to finish, and you will also find some fantastic shots of assistance dogs being trained, courtesy of West Coast Assistance Teams!

Announcement: New Discount Available at Wag The Dog!

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Great Vet, Great Discount! We are delighted to announce that Wag The Dog now offers a 15% discount on services to clients of Healing Paws Veterinary Care in Port Moody! This amazing veterinary clinic combines holistic approaches with conventional veterinary medicine, giving us the best of both worlds. To this great mix they add something even more special – a personal touch. Those who have met the veterinarians and staff at Healing Paws will tell you that Healing Paws really … Continue reading “Announcement: New Discount Available at Wag The Dog!”

Easy Dog Tricks: “Leave It!”

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Possibly one of the best “tricks” you can teach your dog is “Leave It”. “Leave It” is a wonderful command for three reasons: 1. It stops your dog from eating that dead bird/dirty underwear/rat poison that he is sniffing with such delight. 2. It teaches your dog self-control, which automatically translates into many other obedience applications. 3. It trains your dog to focus on you to get what he wants, rather than focusing on the thing that he desires. How … Continue reading “Easy Dog Tricks: “Leave It!””

And Baby Makes Four

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More and more families are waiting to have children, and often their dog is considered to be their furry first-born. When a baby comes into the picture, the family dog often finds himself shunted to one side. Walks are curtailed and the family’s attention is eaten up by a wailing, squirming little creature who looks nothing like a normal human being. Some dogs adjust easily, and some adjust with difficulty.