Ask The Trainer: “Pack Attack”

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Does your dog act differently when walking with another dog? This submission to Ask The Trainer addresses an unusual example of a common problem: The Dog: Sadie: A four-year old Australian Cattle Dog, adopted as a rescue when she was 1. Very loyal, intelligent, full of energy, and personality. The Human: Claire: 26 year old gal trying her best to use positive reinforcement and tons of exercise to work with Sadie on issues of separation anxiety and reactivity. The Situation: … Continue reading “Ask The Trainer: “Pack Attack””

Ask The Trainer: When To Intervene At The Dog Park?

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“My dog likes to bark at other dogs at the dog park. Is that okay? He isn’t being aggressive he’s just excited but other people sometimes give me dirty looks. Also, when he’s wrestling with other dogs, when should I break it up?” Ah, the dog park. If we went into all of the rules of  dog park etiquette, this could be a very long article, so I’ll just stick to your two questions! First of all, many dogs bark … Continue reading “Ask The Trainer: When To Intervene At The Dog Park?”