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***Please Note: Trainer Carol is welcoming her own puppy home this September, so Board-and-Train is temporarily unavailable.***

Wag The Dog offers Boarding and

Board-and-Train in Port Moody to existing clients.

Trainer Carol Millman B.Sc., CPDT-KA, CTDI will keep your dog in her family home where he/she will be loved and snuggled… and, if you request it, trained.

All boarding dogs are given daily exercise, sleep with people and loved as a family pet. If you request board-and-train, she will also work on your dog’s basic obedience, advanced obedience, or assistance dog skills while you take a well-earned break.

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What is the home environment like?

Carol lives in a townhouse with her husband, two small children, various dogs, and her dog-friendly cat. It is an excellent environment for dogs who need experience with kids, cats, or suffer separation anxiety (the house is almost never empty). However, it is not good for dogs who have aggression toward children or animals.

Carol will consider her family’s safety before agreeing to take on a boarding client.

What does boarding include?

Your dog will receive a minimum of an hour of active play each day (dog park, fetch, tug, whatever he/she needs to be happy and relaxed). Your dog will never be left alone in the house for more than three hours, and probably not even as long as that, since the home is rarely empty. If your dog is in training to become an assistance dog, your dog will accompany the family to restaurants, stores etc.

Unless you request otherwise, your dog will sleep in the bedroom with the trainer. If you have any special requests for your dog during his/her stay, all you have to do is name them.

You will also receive daily photos and updates of your dog’s adventures and successes by email or text (your choice).

Board-and-train dogs also get a minimum of one-hour dedicated training time.

What kind of training/handling will my dog receive?

Your dog will be trained using positive, science-based techniques. At the time of booking a board-and-train, you will be asked for a maximum of three training goals which you would like worked on. These can include anything from walking on leash to fetching a beer from the fridge.

As stated above, dogs with aggression issues are not suitable for board-and-train.

Can I send you an untrained dog and get a fully trained dog on my return?

No. It takes months to years to fully train a dog, and anyone who tells you otherwise is misleading you or intends to break your dog’s spirit.

Our Board-and-Train is intended for existing clients who are going on vacation or need a break from their dog for personal reasons. It is not intended to replace in-home training. It is intended to help you maintain your dog’s training with consistent handling or to help your dog continue training while you take some time off.

The good news is, a certified, experienced trainer can accomplish MUCH more in a short period of time than you can, and it will certainly help fast-forward your training, particularly when it comes to learning new behaviours.

Carol takes photos and videos to show you what your dog has learned. It is important to pay attention to our instructions and recommendations to maintain the newly-learned behaviour at home. No matter how much your dog is trained elsewhere, your dog will continue to misbehave for you unless you enforce the rules at home.

What are the requirements for boarding?

Your dog must be up to date on titers/vaccinations for distemper/parvovirus (DA2PP).

Your dog must be on a form of veterinary-prescribed flea prevention such as Revolution, Advantage, Sentinel, Comfortis, etc.

Your dog must be considered safe around children and well-behaved, well-socialized dogs (if your dog resents other dogs who jump at them, bark at them or otherwise behave inappropriately, that is considered fair and will not be a problem in a dog trainer’s home! And if your dog is a puppy who still play nips, that is also okay!)

What are the rates?

The rate for standard boarding of an adult well-trained dog is $60 a day. Board-and-train is $80 a day. For puppies under the age of six months, it is $90 a day. For stays longer than a week we offer price breaks and package rates.

 To find out more, or to learn whether your dog is suitable for board-and-train, call 604-375-6766 or email carol@wagthedog.ca

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