Why We’re Different

Beyond Obedience 

Most dog trainers offer you basic obedience and solutions to common behaviour problems

That’s great. We do that, too.

We at Wag The Dog, however, come with a background of training assistance dogs, and we know what dogs are really capable of! We have higher expectations that go far beyond a basic sit-stay. 

How about fetching their leash? Finding your remote control? Waking you if there’s a fire? Reminding you to take your medications? Acting as a living cane when you’re feeling off-balance? Pulling a wagon full of groceries?

Yeah. We can do that. 

Uniquely Qualified.

What qualifies someone to be a dog trainer? What credentials do you look for?

At Wag The Dog, we have them all.

  • We are certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers.
  • We are certified AnimalKind by the BC SPCA.
  • We are Certified Trick Dog Instructors by Do More With Your Dog.
  • We have degrees and diplomas in animal psychology and behaviour from well-recognized schools like University of Guelph and Bergin University of Canine Studies at the Assistance Dog Institute in California. 
  • Apprenticeships and internship experience at locations like Pacific Assistance Dogs Society and Vancouver Aquarium.

On top of all these certifications and university degrees, we have a combined experience of nearly thirty years of practical dog training experience. 

The biggest thing we have learned in all that time is that you don’t need to force your dog to obey. Instead, you need to get your dog to love it!

Theres a reason why all of the assistance dog schools, from Guide Dogs to the Blind to Pacific Assistance Dogs Society here in BC, use force-free training methods. 

When working for you feels like play, the sky is the limit as far as your dog is concerned.

Happily, there are many excellent dog trainers in our region who share our philosophy. Many of them are friends of ours, and we are always happy to refer you. 

But there aren’t many who combine our unique experience in training trick dog champions and certified assistance dogs.

Look what our dogs can do:

Dog trick training is a specialized skill, and it is the secret to a well-behaved, enthusiastic pet and a strong bond between you and your furry best friend.  

Better yet, it can be mastered by all family members, including the children, and at Wag The Dog, we love to encourage budding dog trainers.

Unlock The Potential In Your Pet:

Vancouver is filled with pets who spend most of the day home, alone, and bored. While you are at work all day, meeting new challenges, what is your cat doing? What is your dog doing?

  • Do you come home only to discover that your pet is full of energy, stressed, or anxious?
  • Do you find that your pet’s bad behaviour is damaging your bond?
  • Do you just wish your pet would help out more around the house?

At Wag The Dog, we believe in what we call “higher education” of our animal companions.

We help pets meet new challenges, discover new abilities, and become a true joy to their loving human companions. By directing their energies into novel activities, not only do we make life more fun for them, we make life easier for their owners.

Unlock The Potential In Your Family:

Some dog trainers will only work with your dog, but not you. Many dog trainers will only work with the adult(s) of the family. But at Wag The Dog, we believe in working with the whole family, including the children, and even the babies!

Not only do we love to teach children how to become great dog handlers, but we actually prefer to work with your whole family to ensure that your dog receives consistent handling.

We know that even small children can become excellent dog handlers with the right encouragement, and we’d love to help your whole family discover its inner dog trainer.

At Wag The Dog, We Dream Big

Why settle for “Rover, sit” when you could be saying “Rover, find my phone”?

Can we teach your dog to sit, stay, and come when called?

Absolutely, we can do that!

Can we help you with his aggression problems?


But why stop there?

  • We can also teach him to open the fridge and bring you a drink.
  • We can teach him to wake you up when the fire alarm goes off in the night.
  • We can teach him to talk using speech buttons.
  • We can teach him to read.
  • We can help you train your dog to service dog certification standard… and if you’re disabled, we can help you certify them to boot.

Dipper, one of our many successful graduates.

Our knowledge and experience gives you a truly unique experience as we help you discover your dog in ways you never dreamed possible.

What talents are lying dormant in your pet, waiting to be unleashed?

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