Martin The Deaf Bulldog: A Deaf Puppy Can Be A Wonderful Gift

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If you looked at Martin, you’d say he was a perfect English Bulldog. His muzzle is long enough that he can breathe relatively comfortably. He’s lean, he’s fit, he’s adorable. But after they brought him home, Martin’s proud owners began to notice that their puppy didn’t seem to be responding to sounds. A trip to the vet confirmed their fears: Martin was deaf. Their vet put them in touch with our trainer, Carol, and over the next couple of months … Continue reading “Martin The Deaf Bulldog: A Deaf Puppy Can Be A Wonderful Gift”

Announcement: New Discount Available at Wag The Dog!

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Great Vet, Great Discount! We are delighted to announce that Wag The Dog now offers a 15% discount on services to clients of Healing Paws Veterinary Care in Port Moody! This amazing veterinary clinic combines holistic approaches with conventional veterinary medicine, giving us the best of both worlds. To this great mix they add something even more special – a personal touch. Those who have met the veterinarians and staff at Healing Paws will tell you that Healing Paws really … Continue reading “Announcement: New Discount Available at Wag The Dog!”

First Things First At Wag The Dog

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This being the outset of a new and exciting venture, it is a great opportunity to start at the beginning. Before we get into the nitty gritty of which training equipment is worth the money and how to deal with specific behaviour issues, let’s begin by talking about the basic expectations we have when we begin a relationship with a dog. I want to talk about what causes problem behaviour and, of course, what it takes to get the dog … Continue reading “First Things First At Wag The Dog”