Therapy Dogs and Service Dogs Are Not The Same: A Helpful Guide

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One of the more difficult aspects of our job is trying to identify what people mean when they call us and say they want their dog “certified as a PADS dog”. Pacific Assistance Dogs Society is a Burnaby-based service dog charity recognized by Assistance Dogs International. They specialize in dogs for the Deaf and disabled, and they also provide facility therapy dogs for organizations like the RCMP, Canuck’s Place Children’s Hospice, and local schools. Wag the Dog cannot get your … Continue reading “Therapy Dogs and Service Dogs Are Not The Same: A Helpful Guide”

Dog Training Secrets Of The Stars

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If your dog is ever going to be a star, they’ll need to learn how to hit their mark, and perform! Your dog may know a few cool tricks, but can they get up on stage, or stand up in front of a camera, without you by their side? One of the most difficult skills your dog will ever learn is how to work at a distance. Dogs generally respond well when they are within a few feet of their … Continue reading “Dog Training Secrets Of The Stars”

Trick Tutorial: Weave & Figure 8

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You’re walking, and your dog is weaving in and out through your legs as you go. You stop, and your dog completes a figure 8 through your legs while you stand there. Awesome! This trick looks super cool! You may have seen this move in dog dancing, and you can take your ‘weave’ cue to the agility ring as well, but you don’t need a fancy obstacle course, or music, to make magic with this dog trick! Sit gets boring, don’t … Continue reading “Trick Tutorial: Weave & Figure 8”