Teach Your Dog To Dress Themselves

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Your dog might not ever be ready to move out and go to college, but teaching this easy trick will make your life a little smoother, on a daily basis, which adds up. Most importantly, giving your dog this responsibility will make their life more pleasant. Teach The ‘Dress’ Cue Ensure your dog’s collar, bandana, harness, or backpack is oriented so that large or dangly parts hang down, rather than looming over your dog’s head, hitting them in the face … Continue reading “Teach Your Dog To Dress Themselves”

Teach your dog to retrieve their leash

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This is one of my favourite tricks! I drop my leash, but my dog doesn’t run away, he politely picks up the leash and places it back in my hand. Nice! Thanks Doug! If your dog already loves to retrieve, you can teach them to fetch their leash in just a few steps. Teach this trick immediately after a short session of playing fetch with items your dog already loves to retrieve like toys. Teach ‘Get Your Leash’ Pre-requisite training: … Continue reading “Teach your dog to retrieve their leash”

Martin The Deaf Bulldog: A Deaf Puppy Can Be A Wonderful Gift

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If you looked at Martin, you’d say he was a perfect English Bulldog. His muzzle is long enough that he can breathe relatively comfortably. He’s lean, he’s fit, he’s adorable. But after they brought him home, Martin’s proud owners began to notice that their puppy didn’t seem to be responding to sounds. A trip to the vet confirmed their fears: Martin was deaf. Their vet put them in touch with our trainer, Carol, and over the next couple of months … Continue reading “Martin The Deaf Bulldog: A Deaf Puppy Can Be A Wonderful Gift”

Featured This Month: Walnut Struts His Stuff

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Meet Walnut, a 1 year old Havanese Mix and our Wag The Dog of the Month! Walnut’s eagerness to learn and his family’s willingness to keep raising their goals for him higher and higher have more than earned him a feature on our website. Check out how far this young dog has come in the past 9 months… Walnut’s Bio: Walnut came to Wag The Dog as a 4 month old puppy with a tendency to nip, snap, pull on … Continue reading “Featured This Month: Walnut Struts His Stuff”

Easy Dog Tricks: “Leave It!”

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Possibly one of the best “tricks” you can teach your dog is “Leave It”. “Leave It” is a wonderful command for three reasons: 1. It stops your dog from eating that dead bird/dirty underwear/rat poison that he is sniffing with such delight. 2. It teaches your dog self-control, which automatically translates into many other obedience applications. 3. It trains your dog to focus on you to get what he wants, rather than focusing on the thing that he desires. How … Continue reading “Easy Dog Tricks: “Leave It!””

That Was Easy! How To Train Your Dog To Push A Button

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Watch as our trainer Carol Millman demonstrates how quick and easy it can be to teach your dog a new skill in a matter of minutes! Using clicker training, she trains her Sheltie, Odin, to push a button with his nose in a single 5 minute session. The video footage is one continuous take to prove that we aren’t using any editing tricks. If you live in Greater Vancouver, the Tri-Cities, or the Fraser Valley of BC and you would … Continue reading “That Was Easy! How To Train Your Dog To Push A Button”