“My Dog Only Comes For the Word ‘Treats’”

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What happens when you say your recall word? Does your dog come? Do they come RUNNING? Most dog owners long for a dog that will drop everything and race over at their beck and call, but most dogs might wander over, if it’s convenient. The owner is left fuming mad, and the dog is unsure of whether this is a safe time to come or not. The reason why your dog will come for the word ‘treats’ and not for … Continue reading ““My Dog Only Comes For the Word ‘Treats’””

Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make: Coming When Called

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In this series we will discuss some of the most common errors made by dog owners, and how to address them. Training The Dog To Run Away When Called This seems like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many pet owners accidentally train their dog to run away from them! Coming when called should always be a happy occasion. Once your dog is off-leash, the only control you have over him is your past history of rewarding him … Continue reading “Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make: Coming When Called”