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Do you want to get your puppy started out right? Turn around your older dog’s behaviour? Are you bored of basic obedience? Do you want to turn your dog into a Trick Champion?

We can help!

We offer fun, reward-based training programs in the Tri-Cities and the Fraser Valley of beautiful British Columbia. There is no need to travel to find us, either. Our highly qualified trainers come right to your door to give you and your dog the kind of quality attention that you both deserve.

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Private Training

We come to you. We train in your home, at your local park, or wherever you need us to be. We help you find real world solutions and to build good habits where and when you need them.

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Puppy Program

Start your puppy out right with our Puppy Prodigy Program. Our tailored curriculum will help you get the dog you want, and is designed to prevent common behaviour problems.

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Trick Training

Go beyond “sit” and “stay” to discover what your dog is truly capable of.  We specialize in training exciting and complex behaviours that will revitalize your bond and amaze your friends.

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Group Classes

Prefer to learn in a group setting, and meet like minded dog owners? Now you can in our fun group classes.

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Behaviour Solutions

Turn your dog around and rediscover the fun and joy in your relationship. We can help you get to the root of your dog’s issues and provide  positive, real world solutions.

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Assistance At Home

Do you want your dog to pull your wheelchair? Alert you when the phone rings? Carry your wallet? We can teach the skills you want for your dog to help you out around the house.

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Our experienced trainers will help you discover how dog ownership should feel – joyful, fun, and easy.

Amelia Kellum, CPDT, CPTI

amelia fellenz

Carol Millman B.Sc., RAHT, ATDI

Carol circle

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All of our services are available singly or in packages.
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We also offer phone/facetime sessions which you can book online. Or for free advice, you can email us with a question for our “Ask The Trainer” series.
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Training Tips and Updates

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Is your head spinning trying to figure out how to handle your dog’s poor behaviour choices? A common training recipe is to ask the dog to ‘sit,’ rather than misbehave. Dog likes to chase kids? Have them sit instead. Dog likes to lunge to the end of the leash when skateboards go by? Have them sit… Read More

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If your dog is ever going to be a star, they’ll need to learn how to hit their mark, and perform! Your dog may know a few cool tricks, but can they get up on stage, or stand up in front of a camera, without you by their side? One of the most difficult skills your… Read More

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Doug learned to dunk a basketball! This easy trick is taught using the same basic ‘drop in a bucket’ skill that makes tricks like doing the laundry and taking out the trash work, and yes, Doug can also put all his toys away! Doug’s got game! His basketball skills really thrill me. I’m sure you can tell… Read More

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The sport of dog tricks awards trick dog titles at the novice, intermediate, advanced, expert, and champion levels. My dog, Douglas, ETD (Expert Trick Dog) has been working hard for a long time to get his tricks on tape so that he can finally become a Champion Trick Dog! Well, here it is, Doug’s Champion… Read More

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Teach your pup to target your fingers. This alternate recall is fantastic, and not just because you can literally point your fingers and your dog will be there. ‘Touch’ is also an easy first step to these cool tricks: Opening and closing doors Closing cabinets and drawers Ringing a bell or pushing a button Turning… Read More

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Chance ate his homework but still graduated a Puppy Prodigy!
Chance ate his homework but still graduated a Puppy Prodigy!

“Very good energy, friendly, attentive, good sense of humour. Open to change in direction -very flexible and quick to give praise for ay successes of the trainee -particularly supporting David’s training with Chance” 

-Janet Parker

“I’m pleased with my dog and she helped me with my training” 



Oscar Kong

Oscar Kong, 3 Months

“We are so lucky to have Amelia help us train Oscar. She has been so helpful, patient and so full of knowledge. We will be referring Wag The Dog to everyone we know. Thank you Amelia!”

-Nancy Kong

“We are very lucky. My favourite trick is doing the tunnel and the jump”        -Tamiko Kong

“The training was fun I liked when Oscar does the tunnel.”         -Kobe Kong

Kobi, 6 month old Schnoodle

Kobie Chow


I like a lot with the training. Amelia is very caring & always knew what our needs (were) in training. We’re very satisfied. My dog makes great progress. We certainly will seek your help again. “

-Corrina Chow

The training sessions were excellent + really focused on our handling of the dog, not just on training the dog. Really liked all the different environments we were able to experience like the dog park, our house, walking down the street + agility. Excellent program! -Mike Gush

“Amelia explained all of the training techniques clearly + concisely. The sessions were fun + informative for us + Ruby. She gave us lots of tips + tricks to help us with Ruby’s training going forward.” -Kirsty McInnerney

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