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Our certified trainers are here to help you get the relationship that you want with your dog.

Do you want to get your puppy started out right? Turn around your older dog’s behaviour? Are you bored of basic obedience? Do you want to turn your dog into a Trick Champion?

We can help!

We offer fun, reward-based training programs in the Tri-Cities and the Fraser Valley of beautiful British Columbia. There is no need to travel to find us, either. Our highly qualified trainers come right to your door to give you and your dog the kind of quality attention that you both deserve.

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Private Training

We come to you. We train in your home, at your local park, or wherever you need us to be. We help you find real world solutions and to build good habits where and when you need them.

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Puppy Program

Start your puppy out right with our Puppy Prodigy Program. Our tailored curriculum will help you get the dog you want, and is designed to prevent common behaviour problems.

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Trick Training

Go beyond “sit” and “stay” to discover what your dog is truly capable of.  We specialize in training exciting and complex behaviours that will revitalize your bond and amaze your friends.

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Group Classes

Prefer to learn in a group setting, and meet like minded dog owners? Now you can in our fun group classes.

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Behaviour Solutions

Turn your dog around and rediscover the fun and joy in your relationship. We can help you get to the root of your dog’s issues and provide  positive, real world solutions.

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Assistance At Home

Do you want your dog to pull your wheelchair? Alert you when the phone rings? Carry your wallet? We can teach the skills you want for your dog to help you out around the house.

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Our experienced trainers will help you discover how dog ownership should feel – joyful, fun, and easy.

Amelia Kellum, CPDT, CPTI

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Carol Millman B.Sc., RAHT, ATDI

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All of our services are available singly or in packages.
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We also offer phone/facetime sessions which you can book online. Or for free advice, you can email us with a question for our “Ask The Trainer” series.
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Training Tips and Updates

Coming Soon to Agassiz, BC! Puppy Play School at The District of Kent Rec Centre  6660 Pioneer Avenue, Agassiz, BC, V0M 1A0 BOOK NOW! Contact the Recreation centre: 604-796-8891 Puppy Play School starts Thursday September 22nd, 6:30PM, at the Agassiz Recreation Centre!  Visit our website  to find out all the details, and call the Rec Centre: 604-796-8891 to sign up your… Read More

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Tired of the same old sit? Want to learn some cool new tricks? Canine Superstars Novice Trick Dog Training Class begins September 21st the Rec Centre in Hope, BC   Trick Dog work is a non-competitive activity which focuses simply on the bond between you and your dog. Dog-owner teams receive titles for achieving harder… Read More

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Play dead is the oldest trick in the book, and while it may be an oldie, it is most definitely a goodie. It is adorable, easy to teach, and furthermore, it is incredibly useful. If you have ever struggled to clip your dog’s nails, treat a wounded foot, or check a hot spot on your… Read More

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Certified Professional Dog Trainer Carol Millman has opened up classes in August at The Bark Lounge in Coquitlam! Whether you want to get off on the right foot with a new furry friend or need help with an old one, our group classes will help you build your bond and get the best out of… Read More

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We teach our dogs tricks for so many reasons, not the least of which is so that they have something to do with their energy other than barking, jumping up, and pulling on leash. We teach tricks to bond with our best friend, and to show off to our neighbours, but mostly, we teach tricks… Read More

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Got a leg? Then teach your dog to jump over it! This trick is easy, fun, and will burn energy almost anywhere. Teach your dog to jump over your leg Jumping over and over isn’t for puppies, wait until your dog is at least 1.5 years old, 2 for giant breeds before teaching this trick.… Read More

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Carol was really patient and understood what our dog was going through. She helped train us in order to train Charlie. We liked how she was able to modify Charlie’s behaviour using non-traditional training techniques. He has more control of his excitability and we are able to control him more.

Ella has improved so much since the start of the program. Looking forward to more lessons from you in the future!!

Carol was fantastic. She gave us lots of time to work with Riley, without booking her schedule with back to back appointments, it gave opportunity for Riley to get comfortable with what we were working on with each training session. Carol was quick to determine what was getting in the way of Riley’s behaviour, which made it easier for me to understand “why” he was doing the things he was doing. We worked with several issues and I feel that we have or shall I say we are continuing to see positive changes in his behaviours.

Amelia is a terrific trainer. I really appreciate how she broke down tasks for Enzo and me. Enzo is a much happier guy now that he’s more mentally stimulated -and so am I.

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