Useless Equipment: Why We Train Dogs Old School... ...Really, Really Old School

Useless Equipment: Why We Train Dogs Old School... ...Really, Really Old School

Do you need special equipment to train a dog? We don't, and here's why. ...more

Dog Tranining Tips

April 15, 202414 min read

How To Walk Your Puppy

How To Walk Your Puppy

Get ready to stop and smell the flowers. And the bushes. And the lawn. And those sticks. And that litter. And that dog pee. And... ...more

Dog Tranining Tips ,Puppies

February 01, 20244 min read

Let's Teach Dogs Instead of Training Them

Let's Teach Dogs Instead of Training Them

We talk a lot about training dogs, but teaching them works so much better. ...more

Dog Tranining Tips ,Service Dogs &Dog psychology

October 10, 202310 min read

Do as I Do, Not Do As I Cue!

Do as I Do, Not Do As I Cue!

Classic pet dog training - yes, even the positive reinforcement kind - focuses on getting dogs to follow cues... but service dogs have to think for themselves, and really all dogs should be able to do... ...more

Dog Tranining Tips ,Service Dogs

September 14, 20239 min read

Rights Vs Responsibilities: A Balancing Act For Service Dogs

Rights Vs Responsibilities: A Balancing Act For Service Dogs

When do we have the law behind us, when it comes to public access for service dogs? ...more

Service Dogs

November 01, 202212 min read

Let Certified Dogs Fly: An Open Letter to the Canadian Transportation Agency

Let Certified Dogs Fly: An Open Letter to the Canadian Transportation Agency

A provincially certified service dog should never be denied air travel within Canada - so why is it happening so often? ...more

Dog Tranining Tips

February 28, 20226 min read

Welcome to Canine Education

Wag The Dog delivers accredited dog training and service dog training in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley of beautiful British Columbia.

We train at the forefront of canine cognitive science. We know that our dogs are capable of understanding so much more than people think.

You want to have the best possible relationship with your dog, but you don't know how to handle the problems that keep cropping up.

Or maybe you are getting a new dog and you want to feel certain that you are doing things right.

Or you are a dog enthusiast with dreams of training your own service dog, or even becoming a dog trainer yourself someday?

The important thing is: you want expert guidance from a dog trainer you can trust to be ethical, experienced, and educated.

Our highly-educated trainers hold science diplomas in Psychology, Animal Health, and Assistance Dog Education. We have a combined 30 years of hands-on professional dog training experience.

We are certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and accredited AnimalKind by the BC SPCA


Don't miss this crucial period!

Boost your puppy's potential with our enriched puppy program.

Deepen your communication and trust with this attachment-based program.

Want to train your own service dog?

Our graduates get certified by the province of BC.

Turn around your dog's behavior. Our unique methods will change your relationship with your dog forever.

Carol Millman, B.Sc, RAHT, CPDT-KA,CTDI

Coquitlam, BC

Amelia Kellum, B.Sc, CPDT-KSA, CTDI


Google Review 5 stars: Just to make it clear, Carol is the best doggo trainer ever. In my opinion no one can even compete with her. Wag the Dog all the way, book your appointment today and thank me later. Enjoy life and love your furry friends every second you can.

Watch Us Work!

Carol did an amazing job with our out of control Pomskie. She taught us that with determination, practice and lots of patience

Anything is possible. Thank you from the.

bottom of our hearts

Ellen and Amie

-Ellen V.

It is a joy to watch Carol work with George! She demonstrates and shares a wealth of knowledge about dog behaviour. Her approach to dog education is delivered with a high degree of respect for the intelligence and curiosity of the animal. She has made good friends with cautious George.

Richara J.

Both me & my pup love learning with Carol! She’s not only a great dog trainer, but just a really great person too. Her expertise, experience and ethics, mixed with her kind, fun-loving personality brings a feeling of certainty, understanding and calm to each session.

-Chloe T.

We work on land which was taken from the nations who had lived here for thousands of years. They are still here and they are still waiting patiently for us to stop being jerks about it.

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