Announcement: New Discount Available at Wag The Dog!

Great Vet, Great Discount!

We are delighted to announce that Wag The Dog now offers a 15% discount on services to clients of Healing Paws Veterinary Care in Port Moody!

This amazing veterinary clinic combines holistic approaches with conventional veterinary medicine, giving us the best of both worlds. To this great mix they add something even more special – a personal touch.

Those who have met the veterinarians and staff at Healing Paws will tell you that Healing Paws really cares.

When she isn’t training, you can often find Carol Millman working as a nurse at Healing Paws to keep up her animal health care skills. The positive staff atmosphere and their commitment to providing the best quality care possible makes her time there truly special.

Wag The Dog is a big believer in positive reinforcement, so we want to extend this discount as a thank you to Healing Paws for recommending Wag The Dog to clients, and for being so generally wonderful.

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