The Single Worst Product for Dogs

Are you using your dog trainer’s most hated product?

Throw it out and buy our favourite product instead!

The Single Worst Product for Dogs is….

A Retractable Leash 

Rope burn caused by retractable leash nearly severed this finger

Rope burn caused by retractable leash nearly severed this finger

If you are using a retractable leash, please throw that stupid death trap away. You are getting all tangled up in everything, you have no control but still think you’ve got em’ on leash. You’re grabbing the line all the time anyway because the mechanism sucks, and you’ll end up with rope burns or a severed finger. Your dog is learning to pull on leash, and here’s you, following along… how comforting, now they can forget about you and march 20ft ahead, totally capable of entering the street. If they manage not to get hit by the first truck, you drop the handle, it crashes to the ground and the leash retracts, chasing your dog further into the street toward the next truck. What a nightmare product. Do not buy, do not use, throw away immediately.


The Very Best Product for Dogs? Seat belts!

The best product in the pet store is sadly one of the least popular items sold. If your dog isn’t properly secured in your vehicle, or maybe you’re even driving around with a small dog in your lap, please stop. Please imagine your dog under your brake pedal or thrown through your windshield long enough to realize that you need to secure your pet. Dogs are passengers, not cargo, don’t let them pace around crying for the park, smacking the windows on the tight turns. Don’t get hit in the back of the head by a Labrador the next time you brake hard, and don’t end up with an injured and lost pet if you’re ever in an accident. This is a no-brainer, buy a seat belt or properly secure a carrier that best suits your dog and vehicle. Not convinced it’s worth the extra effort? Then you need to watch this video showing the crash test results for pet restraint systems. DOn’t