Is Your Relationship With Your Dog Joyful?


Dogs are a lot of work. They need to be exercised and trained and fed and taken to the vet. They track mud into our houses and leave fur on our best date-night outfits. They slobber on us, and bark when the baby is sleeping, and sometimes we catch them eating out of the cat’s litter box.

Why do we bring these hairy, panting, pooping predators into our home?

Chances are that when you went out to get a dog, you didn’t picture getting your arm yanked off while your dog freaked out at the neighbour’s Chihuahua.

You didn’t picture tiny tooth marks running up your arm from a puppy who just doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word “no!”

You didn’t dream about cleaning up that third puddle of diarrhea at 3 am.

You certainly didn’t think about the $300 vet bill to get the diarrhea cleared up.


Instead you were dreaming about a furry friend to cuddle on the couch with you, a companion for your Saturday morning hikes, and a playmate for your children. You imagined showing off your dog’s cute tricks to your friends, and having someone be overjoyed when you came home after a hard day.

Was it all an impossible fantasy?

Of course not!

One of the saddest things a dog trainer sees on a daily basis is an owner who has lost the joy they expected to have in their dog. They wanted to be proud of their dog, and to enjoy their dog. But, while they do love their dog, they feel like they spend every day fighting a battle of wills with the hairy demon of chaos that they invited into their home.

Dog ownership can be hard work, and it can sometimes be expensive, but it should never be miserable.

Dogs are our best friends and companions, and their love is a privilege and a joy. Our job, as trainers, is to help you tap into that joy – to help you find ways to end the battle of wills and turn your relationship around.

Wondering if your dog needs to be turned around? Take our quiz to find out!