Beginner’s Obedience: Because Rescues Need Puppy Class Too

“I just adopted a six month old puppy, and he doesn’t know anything. Can I bring him to puppy class?”

We hear this question a lot. Most puppy classes are designed for the 6 months-and-under age group. They focus on puppy socialization and really basic obedience, like “sit” and “down” and “stop eating my shoes”. By the time the dog is a teenager, we assume your dog has learned those basic things.

But what if you got your puppy a little bit older?

That’s why our Beginner’s Obedience class in Coquitlam staring June 16th is for all dogs under a year of age. We will start with the word “sit” and will be assuming your dog knows less than Jon Snow.

Why not dogs of all ages, you ask? If you are interested in a true beginner’s class for your one year or older dog, let us know. But young dogs play differently and interact differently compared to older dogs, so we want to keep this class for puppies… Even if they are big puppies.

Class starts on June 16th. To learn more, click here


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