Is Doug a Champion Trick Dog ?

The sport of dog tricks awards trick dog titles at the novice, intermediate, advanced, expert, and champion levels. My dog, Douglas, ETD (Expert Trick Dog) has been working hard for a long time to get his tricks on tape so that he can finally become a Champion Trick Dog! Well, here it is, Doug’s Champion Trick Dog submission video! I decided to quit trying to get it all perfect. Douglas isn’t perfect. That is a big part of why I think he deserves to be a Champion Trick Dog. Not because he is sharp and precise like the Border Collies and Australian Shepherds. Not because he is eager and intelligent like the German Shepherds and the Labrador Retrievers. He is a Boxer, and he is the dumbest dog I have ever encountered. He is Doug, and he is the most challenging dog I have ever trained.

Doug likes to talk. Doug likes to put his balls in front of the camera. Sorry about those 2 things. He may not be the smartest dog, but he certainly is the cutest, and he has worked 100 times harder than the Border Collie to get this far. I taught him service dog skills right alongside a Labrador, and he fell behind on every task. I didn’t give up. I didn’t stop teaching him new things, and before I knew it, he had learned far more than a fully trained assistance dog! He is far from perfect, but I am so proud of him.

UPDATE: Doug has since been awarded his Champion Trick Dog Title! Check out his sweet swag HERE.

Here is Douglas, Expert Trick Dog:

Champion Trick Dog Submission Videos

Doug is amazingly helpful around the house:

Here is Douglas, ETD, taking out the trash!

…and getting his Dad a beer!

Of course, he’s great at helping with chores:

He will get you the phone when it rings.

I find dog tricks funnier when they aren’t quite getting it right yet!

His face! So CUTE!

He is so much fun to play with!

Yeah, he plays volleyball! Check out his basketball dunk too!

Yep, I’d say my little dude is pretty cool! Check out his skills on the lake:

He even play nice with his brother… kinda:

Roscoe should get a medal for putting up with this guy:

Each time Doug learns something new, he learns something about me, about my world, my language, my gestures and intonations…. He gets me, and I understand him better too. Our bond has grown so much, and I know that teaching him tricks is what did the trick. So many people struggle to communicate with their dogs, but don’t want to teach their dog anything other than ‘stop barking,’ ‘stop pulling,’ or ‘stop jumping.’ Dogs need to do something, they can’t just lay there, and you can’t just expect them to want to do your bidding. You need to build a relationship with them, you need to train them, and it doesn’t take a ton of time. In fact, less is more. Spend 10 minutes each day with your dog, teaching something new, and in a month, you’ll be shocked at how much your dog has learned. You’ll also love how your best friend follows you around, dying to know what you’ll teach them next!