Canine Army ‘Crawl’

Crawling is such a cute dog trick, especially if your dog is as big as mine. Roscoe is adorable doing it! You can teach your dog to crawl too. It takes just a few short training sessions, and no pre-requisite training is required.

Teach ‘Crawl’

Begin with your dog lying down. Ensure that your dog’s new affinity for crawling doesn’t interfere with your obedience cue ‘down’ by luring your dog to the ground, instead of using your ‘down’ cue.

Use an upturned toe with a treat near your heel as both the ‘crawl’ cue, and a trap door that you can slam shut if your dog’s butt comes up!

Lure them from their nose to the bottom of your shoe, starting with your foot just a few inches from their face. Say ‘yes!’ and reward for each step your dog crawls.

Next, try placing the treat under your shoe and cueing your dog to ‘crawl’ to it from 6 inches to a foot away. Increase the distance very gradually, continually returning to easier versions of the trick.

Say ‘crawl’ as your dog crawls under obstacles to help them make the association. Say ‘crawl’ as your dog is about to crawl under a low table, into a low tunnel, or under your outstretched leg while you are seated on the floor.

Have fun teaching your dog this easy dog trick!