Update: Doug IS a Trick Dog Champion!


Check out Doug’s sweet swag!

This is Doug, and he is a Champion Trick Dog! From now on his official name is Douglas Kellum, CHTD. Yep, he gets to have fancy letters after his name, just like the fancy obedience dogs, and the show dogs, and all the dogs that strive for excellence i14563512_10154531605403142_3527503313835085613_nn their field. I think Doug deserves it, after all, he has more skills than a fully trained Service Dog, He has dabbled and succeeded in many more disciplines including scent work, agility, treibbal, and is honing his acting skills for the starring role in my heart. The sport of dog tricks recognizes you and your dog for the awesome things you do together, no matter what sport or tricks you might be into. Doug’s name can now be found on a registry listing all the Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, and Champion trick dogs. I’m proud to say that Doug is in the company of just 3 other Champion Boxers! To find his name, scroll down past the huge list of Australian Shepherd and wade through the solid page of Border Collies, because the list is alphabetical.

Want to see the tricks that earned Doug his Champion title? Check them out HERE and learn more about what it takes to earn your own Trick Dog Title at Do More With Your Dog.

Earn your dog’s Novice title with friends at one of Wag The Dog’s group classes.