Doug’s Wish List

Wondering what to give the dog that has everything? Got a finicky dog lover on your list?


Doug has been a good boy all year!

The best gifts aren’t things, they’re experiences. Don’t just give your dog a special treat, teach them a cool trick! Don’t just give your dog a new toy, teach them a fun game! Don’t just give your dog a new leash, take them on a fun adventure!

Give your dog (or your friend’s dog!) the gift of time well spent with their best friend. Give them the gift of training! Sign up for a fun class that you and your human friends and family can do together. Check out fun private training programs and classes for dogs and puppies of all ages here!

Doug has been getting ready for Christmas by peeing on the tree before we had a chance to bring it inside. He usually gets a big bone and a new toy for Christmas but his favourite thing is doing tricks! He loves to learn (and he loves to eat treats!) If your dog is like mine, then signing up for trick dog class might just be the perfect gift for them!