Unleashed Obedience Games!

It’s your dog’s last chance to learn some cool new tricks and play fun games with friends at Unleashed Obedience Games dog training class in Hope, BC! Class starts Saturday the 14th of January at 1pm!

Is your dog a good retriever? Maybe they “almost” bring the ball back? Have you ever wondered what your dog might be capable of?  Learn how to turn your dog’s favourite game into cool and useful skills like helping with the laundry, and taking out the trash! Polish your dog’s obedience with games, not drills, and challenge your best friend to be the best dog they can be!

Unleashed Obedience Games


Saturdays, 1-2pm.

At The Hope Rec Centre

1005 6 Ave, Hope, BC

January 14th- February 25th 2017

(no class Feb 11th)

BOOK NOW: 604-869-2304

You’ve got basic obedience under your belt, and you’re ready to take your dog’s formal education to the next level. If you want a new challenge, and you want to have fun, Certified Professional Dog Trainer Amelia Kellum will help you bring out the best in your dog.

Ever wish your dog could behave, and be helpful, just like the working dogs? Every dog should have the benefit of advanced training, and every dog owner should be able to enjoy the incredible bond that comes with each new skill you learn together.

At Wag The Dog’s Unleashed Obedience Games class 

Your dog will learn:

  • How to walk at your side, off-leash, amid distractions
  • To ‘stay,’ off-leash, under heavy distraction
  • To respond to cues at a distance
  • How to tug, retrieve, and release toys on cue
  • To ‘come!’ running when it counts
  • How to perform trick dog stunts like jumping over your leg
  • Working dog skills like carrying a bag and closing doors
  • And more!

Meanwhile, you and your family will learn:

  • How to get, and keep your dog’s attention in distracting environments
  • How to teach complex tricks and working dog skills, step by step
  • How to graduate from using treats to lure your dog
  • How to have a reliable recall, no matter what
  • How to turn your dog’s play retrieve into cool skills like picking up their leash
  • How to take your dog’s obedience training to the next level, by playing games!
  • How to expect the best, and get it, from your dog
  • How to have more fun with your dog!

Wag The Dog’s Trainer Amelia Kellum, CPDT-KA, CTDI will help you enjoy a better relationship with your dog, build your bond, and have fun!

$180 for 6 sessions.

Saturdays 1-2 PM

Starting January 14th 2017 

Book Now: 604-869-2304

Questions? Email the trainer amelia@wagthedog.ca

This class is suitable for Trick Dogs looking to earn their Trick Dog Titles.

Dogs of all ages are welcome. Dogs must be up to date on the distemper/parvo virus vaccine. Please bring proof of vaccines to your first class.