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Vancouver is filled with fantastic dog trainers. Finding the right one for you and your pet can be a challenging decision.

Here are some reasons why you might consider us!

Kid Friendly:

Many dog trainers require that the adults in the family handle the dog during their classes, but at Wag The Dog, we believe that everyone in the family can benefit from learning animal-handling skills. We love to work with children and welcome them in our sessions, where we help to unleash their inner dog trainer!

We also offer a special Dog Meets Baby training package geared to helping families prepare their furry children for the addition of a newborn baby. For more information on our packages, visit our rates and packages page.

Trick Training And Assistance Dog Experience:

Have you marvelled over the dogs on television who can do amazing things? Or perhaps you have seen an assistance dog pulling someone’s wheelchair through the mall, handing a credit card to a cashier, or carrying a shopping bag out to the car.

Maybe you’ve simply been impressed at a young puppy-in-training who was lying so quietly in the restaurant that you didn’t even know he was there – until the puppy raisers stood up to leave.

Well, the trainers at Wag The Dog have experience training dogs to do all of these things, and much more. We have trained hearing dogs, hunting dogs, therapy dogs, and wheelchair assistance dogs.

Those who have trained working dogs know what dogs – even puppies – are truly capable of.

It IS possible for your 4 month old puppy to lie quietly while you eat a meal.

It IS possible for your dog to help you carry items on your walk, including his own clean-up bag.

It IS possible for your dog to bring you the phone, find the remote control, alert you when the microwave beeps, and close the bedroom door for you at night.

Not only do dogs love to learn these things, but we love to teach them.

With the right training, your dog can be taught to do anything he or she is physically capable of doing.

Tailored Techniques:

At Wag The Dog, we know that there is no single “right” way to train every pet. The personality of the handler, the personality of the pet, and many other factors such as time available, diet, exercise, and the specific goal can all affect which training methods and equipment will work best.

Many dog trainers have a single training philosophy that they like to work under – some will only do clicker training, while others refuse to use treat rewards at all. Some believe in using chain collars and other negative reinforcement techniques, while others believe in exclusively positive approaches.

The trainers at Wag The Dog have experience in training in a wide variety of training methods. All of them have value, and will work for some people, in some situations.

We believe in using fun, positive methods.

…But we also believe in using the methods that works best for you, your pet, and your situation. We don’t want to force you into a method that feels wrong or foreign to you. Instead, we will work with you to discover the perfect combination for you, so that working with your pet will be exciting… and effective.

Training in Animal Health:

Did you know that many “behavior problems” are actually health problems? Certain kinds of aggression, inappropriate elimination in the house, even fear and anxiety can have a medical basis.

Dog trainers know how to train through behavior modification methods. Veterinarians know how to treat behavior problems that come from a medical condition.

So how do you know who to call? Should you call the trainer, or the veterinarian?

The trainers at Wag The Dog have studied animal health under veterinarians. We are able to advise you on whether your pet may have a medical basis behind his or her behavior.

In some cases, both medical and behavior treatments are warranted. These work best in combination, and that is why the team at Wag The Dog is educated and able to work in conjunction with a presiding veterinarian, to ensure that your pet recieves the most holistic approach to the problem possible.

Discounts And Chances To Win:

Most dog trainers offer flat rates for their services, or simple package rates. While we have those as well, we offer many other ways to save yourself money, from referral discounts to chances to win free services! For more information, visit our Rates, Discounts and Packages page.

Willing To Work With Other Household Pets:

At Wag The Dog, we don’t stop at training dogs! Many of our methods work on a wide variety of creatures, including cats, rabbits, and other domestic animals. Interested in teaching your cat to sit, or to play piano? Want to teach your bunny agility? Give us a call!

Phone:  604.781.8448


For a longer list of all of the training services we offer, click here.

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