What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Word of mouth is our best advertising. Here is what our clients are saying about us!

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Annie, Golden Retriever

Annie, Golden Retriever

Annie, Golden Retriever

“We very much appreciated all the information + encouragement Amelia provided in our lessons. We will continue to work to improved Annie’s obedience + skills.” -Kate and Brent Lister

 Roxy, Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Roxy, Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

Roxy, Bernese Mountain Dog Mix

“Our entire family loved our private training sessions with Amelia. Her high level of enthusiasm and clear, easy-to-follow instructions made the program incredibly enjoyable. Roxy would do anything for Amelia 🙂 We look forward to using what we’ve learned to continue building our bond with Roxy and encouraging her to reach her fullest potential. We can’t wait to recommend Wag The Dog to our friends.” -Nancy Boese

“I am very pleased with how much progress Roxy has made under the training of Amelia. I would recommend Wag The Dog to anyone looking for a good trainer.” -Allison Boese

Snickers, Miniature Pinscher Puppy

“I really enjoyed all of the training sessions and learned new things every week. -Really tailored everything to my specific dog’s needs.” -Shane

“Really impressed, training is done in a very clear, consistent manner which really helps us learn.” -Amanda

Ruby, Cattle Dog Puppy



“The training sessions were excellent + really focused on our handling of the dog, not just on training the dog. Really liked all the different environments we were able to experience like the dog park, our house, walking down the street + agility. Excellent program!” -Mike Gush

“Amelia explained all of the training techniques clearly + concisely. The sessions were fun + informative for us + Ruby. She gave us lots of tips + tricks to help us with Ruby’s training going forward.” -Kirsty McInnerney



Enzo, Advanced Skills and Tricks,

“Amelia is a terrific trainer. I really appreciate how she broke down tasks for Enzo and me. Enzo is a much happier guy now that he’s more mentally stimulated -and so am I.” -Colin Thomas


Willy Puppy

Willy, 8 Week old Australian Shepherd

“Amelia was amazing. She is a true dog whisperer. She gave us the confidence to work with and train Willy to be a gentle and responsive puppy. We can’t wait to continue our training with her.”  -Melanie



Ella in pin

Ella, 8 month Toy Poodle

Ella has improved so much since the start of the program. Looking forward to more lessons from you in the future!!” 

-Kevin Ng

“We are very happy to learn the tricks to teach Ella, and it is actually working out well. Ella improved a lot. Thanks a lot Amelia. We will continue next level when I come back.”

-Alice Cen

Chase the Border Collie

Puppy Chase

Chase, 9 month old Border Collie

“We loved Amelia -She speaks “dog” and we loved to learn from her. She taught us lots of tricks and ways to be better behaved. Thank-you! -Love, Chase!

-Lisa Letwin

Loki, Golden Doodle (ooh, black gold!)


Loki, Golden Doodl

“Lots of helpful information, great demonstration. Thank-you. Definitely more value per time than group puppy class.” 

-Cynthia Garrett

“Yes. I see you understand dogs very well. You have a way with dogs that few people have. The results would have been better had I put more work into it. Thank you very much. It was a pleasure.”

-Rory O’Donnell

“I am really satisfied with Amelia. She was helpful and full of energy. I would ask for more lessons. She gets into the lessons and is very full of information. Thanks very much.”  –Phoebe


Katsu, 2 year old rescue

Katsu, Mixed breed Rescue 

Are You Pleased With The Results?

“Yes, definitely! Amelia walked me through all the steps necessary to work on Katsu’s separation anxiety, our biggest concern, but more importantly, she helped me teach Katsu many obedience + fun traits. She always showed patience, passion and enthusiasm. It made training a lot of fun!”

-Dana Felske



Sariya, Mixed Breed 

“I am beyond pleased with Sariya’s progress! She has become much more disciplined and is now a joy to walk on leash with Amelia’s help and suggestions, we have created a much stronger bond with our dog. Thank you so much for your help, I have learned a lot!”  –Caitlin Hooper

“Fantastic attitude. Very pleasant. Sariya has learned a lot in the last 5 weeks we learned a lot ourselves in the last few weeks.”  -Sean Hooper

“Amelia, you have been so great with Sariya & with us. You have a wealth of information. In all the years that we have had dogs, this has been the best bonding experience ever with Sariya. Thank you so much!”  –Bev Hooper

Oscar Kong

Oscar Kong

Oscar Kong, 3 Months

“We are so lucky to have Amelia help us train Oscar. She has been so helpful, patient and so full of knowledge. We will be referring Wag The Dog to everyone we know. Thank you Amelia!”

-Nancy Kong

“We are very lucky. My favourite trick is doing the tunnel and the jump”        -Tamiko Kong

“The training was fun I liked when Oscar does the tunnel.”         -Kobe Kong


Jose Nasu

Jose Nasu

Jose Nasu, 11 months.

“Amelia displayed patience and quality teaching method. Another important aspect was that it gave the owner the hows and not to do in training of puppy.”         -James Nasu

“We’re very pleased with Amelia. Very patient and wonderful with Jose. Thank you very much.”        -Sally Nasu

Gus's special spot

Gus loves his special spot

 Gus, 4 month old English Labrador puppy

Amelia is an excellent trainer, she makes training so much fun for both your dog & you. I feel so much more confident with my puppy now that Amelia has worked with us. Thank you!”

-Lori Mazerolle

Marley, One Year Old Shih Tzu

“Carol is an excellent trainer. She focused on my concerns about Marley and we worked well together on the training. I have never seen Marley so excited about his learning. He just thought of it as a game. We need more instructors like Carol. She was so thorough and she took her time to make sure I was doing it correctly so that Marley would get the message. Marley is learning and is making vast improvements.” – Rosa

Riley, Golden Retriever

photo (2)“Carol was fantastic. She gave us lots of time to work with Riley, without booking her schedule with back to back appointments, it gave opportunity for Riley to get comfortable with what we were working on with each training session. Carol was quick to determine what was getting in the way of Riley’s behaviour, which made it easier for me to understand “why” he was doing the things he was doing. We worked with several issues and I feel that we have or shall I say we are continuing to see positive changes in his behaviours.” – Jacqui




Leo, a Chocolate Lab, Basic Skills Graduate

“I’m thrilled with the results! Leo has learned things I never dreamed possible. The personalized program and individual attention made such a difference! Thank you so much, Amelia!!!” –Marie Howton

Seiki, 6 month old Black Russian Terrier, Basic Skills Graduate

Seiki is a big puppy with big plans to become a therapy dog

Seiki is a big puppy with bigger plans to be a therapy dog

“So incredibly pleased! Amelia was so understanding about mine and my dog’s training needs, which were many! Amelia was very patient with me and Seiki loved Amelia so much and was always so happy to see her. We will continue to work with Wag The Dog in the future as Seiki transitions to becoming a therapy dog.”

Sadie, 4 month old Border Collie, Puppy Kindergarten Graduate

Puppy Socialization

Sadie socializes with a dog friendly cat during a training session

“Yes I am pleased with the patience and instruction Amelia has given. Look forward to more training in the future.”

-Jeannine Lalonde


Flash, Behaviour Modification

Behaviour Modification

Flash can’t stand to see Mom and Dad leave the house.

“Totally freaking awesome. Trained us as much (maybe more!) than Flash. Totally calm and thoughtful with us. Thank you Amelia! :)”          -Morgan Slade

“Night + day from where we started. I appreciate the game training that comes with this way.”        -Avital Slade

Charlie, 2 year old Yellow Labrador Retriever


Charlie’s excitement in cars was TOO over-the-top!

Carol was really patient and understood what our dog was going through. She helped train us in order to train Charlie. We liked how she was able to modify Charlie’s behaviour using non-traditional training techniques. He has more control of his excitability and we are able to control him more.”  

– Wenlin Yuen

 Chance, 4 month old Yellow Labrador Retriever

Chance ate his homework but still graduated a Puppy Prodigy!

Chance ate his homework but still graduated a Puppy Prodigy!

“Very good energy, friendly, attentive, good sense of humour. Open to change in direction -very flexible and quick to give praise for ay successes of the trainee -particularly supporting David’s training with Chance” 

-Janet Parker

“I’m pleased with my dog and she helped me with my training” 


Bruno, 6 month old Australian Shepherd X Poodle mix,


Bruno Moradian

-Are you pleased with the progress?

Absolutely, Bruno is worlds apart from where he began. Excellent program. Excellent results. Will recommend to everyone who needs a trainer.”

-Matthew Moradian

Pumpkin, 9 year old Border Collie Cross


I liked the free consultation, the no pressure sales approach and the willingness to listen and be flexible with my schedule. The vet background was also a key factor and the knowledge of different training methods.

They have a very easy going manner, and listened and were interested in what I had to say about my very challenging dog. They were willing to change up methods to find the one that suited my dog and my approach to move toward reaching my goals. They provided me with good communication and were able to reschedule sessions and provide me with resources to learn more about my dog’s behaviour. They were also great with my dogs. 

-Rachel Sentes

Kip, 8 month old Havanese pup


“Great positive reinforcement. Havanese Kip responded so well to Amelia + her methods. She’s a wonder! Thanks Amelia”  

Linda Watson

Phoebe and Murphy, 4 month old Portuguese Water Dogs


“Very pleased with the results! They improved so much and we have a good program going forward.”  

Amanda Groves

“Thanks for the help, guidance + structure” 

-Rob Hausenblas

Odi, Labrador Cross

“I really enjoyed working with Carol. She is so positive and patient. She has a strong understanding of your dog’s needs, and takes the time to explain things to you, while showing you. I liked that the training is private, and the trainer will come and meet you at the dog park. My dog improved greatly with one class.”

-Crystal Sanca

Rochie, 4 month old Golden Retriever

Rochie Wang

Rochie Wang

“I was very pleased with the results! From day 1, Rochie has just been improving and improving. the puppy program has been a fantastic building block, and Rochie and I enjoy a much better relationship. Without Amelia, I don’t know what I’d be doing with Rochie at this point! Many thanks to Amelia and her wonderful dog skills!!!”

-Venus Wang

Dexter, Bichon-Shi-tzu mix

Basic Training Grad

Basic Training Grad

“We are so happy with the training we received. Amelia is so positive + knowledgeable + helped us so much with Dexter. We would happily recommend Wag the Dog + hope to work with Amelia in the future” 

-Catherine Chiu

“If any of my friends have a dog, I would recommend it for them.”

-Aiden Chiu

Bella, 4 month old Chocolate Lab puppy

Bella Schneider

Bella Schneider

“Amelia was/is the most amazing trainer and person. She put in so much time to thoroughly help train Bella. Her love for dogs and her job is obvious and she is a very special person. Bella absolutely loves her time with Amelia + has learned so much in her training sessions. Thank you Amelia + Wag The Dog”

-Jess Schneider

“Extremely Pleased! Amelia’s has a special gift for relating to dogs and I couldn’t be more happy with the training for Bella. It has taught me soo much too!”

-Karen Schneider

Baci, 8 month old Boxer/Ridgeback



-Are you pleased with the progress?

“Absolutely! Baci seems like a totally different dog. Thanks!

“Yes, was great to see Baci transform to a dog who has fun while obeying.”

-Angela and Renaldo

Milhouse and Miley, Schnauzers

Milhouse and Miley Chan

Amelia was awesome! Huge improvement with our dogs. Still a long way to go but we definitely have the right tools now. Will continue with more lessons from her in the future.”

-Betty Chan

“Trainer is creative with training structure and able to point out concern areas and tips as they appeared. Amelia provides a positive environment for both the dogs and us to help us succeed”

-Larry Chan

Coral, 1 year old Labrador

Coral Gomez

-Are you pleased with the progress?

“Very much so, its a daily focus for both Coral and I to have her be better. Will continue to use what we have learned. Thank you so much, we had fun.”

-Leo Gomez

Noche, 4 year old Labrador

Noche Cruz

“Amelia was very informative and helpful and she really understands my kind of dog and we got along great, she loves what she does and I enjoy watching her do her job. Thank you so much for everything.”  

Birdie Cruz

Bronco and Brysco

 “We are so pleased with Wag The Dog. Our 8 1/2 year old Maltese is a completely different dog and our puppy is under control and obedient. We also know how and been taught (trained!) on how to teach our dogs things and keep them under control. Thank-you so much for all we’ve learned.”

Brad Golt

“Very impressed with the progress of both dogs. You were very helpful and patient with us all. Thank you for everything. Would highly recommend you (: ”

-Brenda Golt

Brysco in particular has become a much better dog. Much friendlier towards other dogs and significantly more obedient. Bronco has made great strides in the start of his training. Thank you so much for everything.”

Brandon Golt

Bella, Labradoodle

Bella Brown

“Definitely very pleased. Bella is so well behaved now!”

Adrienne Brown

“She is so much more obedient”! Thanks!”

-Kaitlyn Brown

Kobi, 6 month old Schnoodle

Kobie Chow


I like a lot with the training. Amelia is very caring & always knew what our needs (were) in training. We’re very satisfied. My dog makes great progress. We certainly will seek your help again. “

-Corrina Chow

Ryder, 4 month old Boxer puppy

Ryder hangs with Kenna and Douglas

“Thank you so much Wag The Dog & Amelia! I’ve learned so much.”

Lambert Ma


Annie and Nikka, Hound Dog Rescues

Annie and Nikka hang with Doug

“They have showed us how to be better owners + trainers… very personal to the dog + owner. We recommend them to everyone we meet:)” –Christie Medaris

“We have learned much about what to do to calm our dogs, give Nikka confidence and train with direction. -We have more work necessary but most is behind us and we have a clear path to finish our work.” –Erik Flatekval

“There is this man and golden retriever that we see walking once in a while. We have NEVER been able to walk near this dog as Annie has always gone uuber crazy. Almost bordering aggressive with her body language and barking. The owner has said some really mean things to me in the past. And nikka has even been quite agitated with them.So yesterday I was walking the girlies and lo and behold this owner and dog rounded the corner!!!! Annie didn’t do anything!!!!!! I asked if we could meet dogs and Annie just sniffed and wagged her tail. The owner asked if Annie was the same dog!!! Woot woot!!! And then asked what we had been doing!!

He said that he couldn’t believe the change in her. He said that he was having trouble with his dog and socializing. I gave him Wag The Dog’s name and said we have been working really hard.No joke! Annie and nikka were the best behaved dogs I came across yesterday.

Christi Medaris

Walnut, 6 month old Havanese Cross

“We loved you coming to our home and working with all of us at once. Watching you work with our dog was amazing! You got him to change his behaviour so fast! (And taught us what to do!) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

“Carol at Wag the Dog  has been an angel to our family helping us figure out our new puppy and how to help train him (us).  She came to our home at times that were convenient for our busy schedule and worked with all of us.  She showed us the basics, answered our latest questions, addressed our issues and basically trained our puppy while we watched.  We had homework to work on each week and we even had an outing to the dog park to help with socialization.  We got to pick the tricks we wanted to teach him and continue to progress the basics.  This has been an amazing experience for all of our family.  This is so much better than anything that you can read or watch.  I highly recommend her to everyone.  We are continuing to work with her because we are wanting to see how well disciplined/trained our puppy can be.” –Lori Dalin

Georgia and Piglet

We respect your time and convenience. Were we on time for all meetings?


We provide a customized service. Were your own training goals the focus?


Were your training goals met?

“Yes, more than we expected. She’s more confident and way more obedient. Amelia was very professional in our training sessions! Our dogs Georgia and Piglet both love her and are always happy to see her. Amelia provided a great deal of information regarding dog training, and she really explained the reasoning behind her methods of training.”

 Shelley, Rebecca

Carmel, 2 month old Duck Toller

We respect your time and convenience. Were we on time for all meetings?


We provide a customized service. Were your own training goals the focus?

“Yes, they were all met. We made several goals and they were met. Amelia Exceeded our expectations. Carmel learned so fast and we enjoyed her trained behaviour. It was so worth going through your training program.”

Joy and Ryan Kriekenbeck

Dally, 5 month old Bulldog puppy

We respect your time and convenience. Were we on time for all meetings?

“Absolutely, always punctual.” 

I provide a customized service. Were your own training goals the focus?


Were your training goals met?

“Absolutely. The progress is amazing. The help was much appreciated. As brand new owners of a dog, we were very apprehensive. You made it easier than we thought possible. Thanks for all the help.”

 Nandini and Gayatri Maharaj

Hot Carla and Dirty Sanchez, Chihuahuas

We respect your time and convenience. Were we on time for all meetings?

“Yes, more than 2 times I rebooked and you were always very cool.”

I provide a customized service. Were your own training goals the focus?

“Definitely –the dogs are way better and I’m the alpha dog now.”

Were your training goals met?

“Yes –Indeed.

Totally! She barks less, behaves more, and doesn’t eat poo anymore! Ya!!! I have already recommended you to anyone I meet with a dog, and will continue to be your biggest cheerleader for years to come. You are without a doubt totally down to earth and a true dog lover. Hot Carla and Dirty Sanchez think you’re great too.”

Chrystal Hanson

Orca, 3 month old Chow pup

We respect your time and convenience. Were we on time for all meetings?

“Yes, early even.”

I provide a customized service. Were your own training goals the focus?  

“Always. Yes.”

Were your training goals met?

Absolutely. Yes. I’m  impressed.  He is much more obedient and pays more attention to us! Amelia is very gifted with dogs and incredibly patient with humans. She is hugely knowledgeable and was able to answer all our questions. She makes enormous sense and is easy to understand. She is high energy without being obnoxious. Good work! Thanks for helping so much with Orca!

Heather Frost and Joel Shuster

Sammy, 9 month old Border Collie mix

We respect your time and convenience. Were we on time for all meetings?


I provide a customized service. Were your own training goals the focus?  


Were your training goals met?

“Yes, they were. We’re very happy (and just a bit surprised that it was so quick). Amelia was very good at helping us with Sammy and with helping us change the little things in our lives to make things much easier. We were very impressed!”

-Alison and Marco Holliday

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