Amelia Kellum B.Sc., CPDT-KSA, CTDI

Serving Hope and Chilliwack

Amelia is on maternity leave until 2023

Amelia Kellum is a certified professional dog trainer with nearly two decades of experience training dogs - including hunting, acting, and assistance dogs such as hearing, therapy, guide, and mobility dogs.

Amelia holds a Bachelors in Assistance Dog Education from Bergin University in Santa Rosa, California and is also a graduate of the Ben Kersen and the Wonderdogs professional trainer's program.

Amelia counts many of the North West's best trainers in her list of mentors, including:

  • Dr. Bonnita Bergin - Inventor of the mobility assistance dog and founder of Canine Companions for Independence.

  • Glenn Martyn - Head trainer of the San Francisco Hearing dog program and former head trainer of the Guide Dogs for the blind program in San Rafael, California.

  • Georgina Bradley, 'Top Dog' at DogStars, an animal talent agency.

  • Kyra Sundance - Author of 101 Dog Tricks.

Amelia's extensive training experience includes training service dogs for Pacific Assistance Dogs Society and West Coast Assistance Teams in Burnaby, B.C. where she taught dogs to help people with disabilities such as paralysis, Multiple Sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy.

Amelia has also taught pet dogs like yours privately and in group settings for companies like PetCetera, earning certification as a group class instructor with Animal Behavioural Training Associates in 2005. Her own boxer, Doug, earned his Champion Trick Dog title!

Amelia can teach a dog to do pretty much anything:

Want your dog to win a trick competition or learn something special to help, amaze or just amuse? How about jumping over your head, getting a beer from the fridge, picking up laundry and then turning out the lights?

Want your dog to quit pulling on leash and start picking it up and handing it to you nicely? This is your kind of trainer.

Certified in Pet First Aid by DogSafe and taught by Dr. Anne Stark DVM as part of her schooling at Bergin University in canine health, Amelia has cared for fleets of up to 150 dogs, capable of anything from administering basic medical care to whelping litters (including providing amazing training IN the whelping box!).

Amelia's training methods are fun, fast paced, and hugely rewarding for dog and owner alike.

Amelia will return from Maternity Leave in fall of 2022.

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