Demo Puppies Wanted!

Get a deluxe cutting-edge puppy training program FREE!

All you have to do is help us make your puppy a video star and commit to a bond-based approach

We want to record your puppy's learning journey!

Carol Millman, our Coquitlam trainer, is creating an online course on how to raise and train a dog according to the most cutting-edge research in canine cognition, social learning, and attachment research.

The goal of this program is to raise puppy with a secure attachment and a force-free, attachment-based curriculum founded on the Bond-Based Approach® pioneered by Jennifer Arnold of Canine Assistants.

The Bond-Based Approach ®

Created by Jennifer Arnold, Executive Director of Canine Assistants in Atlanta, the bond-based approach uses social learning and attachment-theory in order to teach dogs how to live and work with humans.

It is not really dog training.

It is dog TEACHING.

Is This You?

We are seeking those who fit the following criteria:

You are getting a puppy

We are looking for people who are planning ahead for a puppy to arrive in the coming weeks or months. We want time to brief with you and plan before puppy comes home,.

Puppy will be 8-10 weeks

When your puppy comes home, we want the puppy to be as young as possible. Even better if we can visit and work with the puppy in the breeder/foster's home before they leave mom!

Puppy is from a good home

We are looking for puppies whose breeders or fosters have been actively socializing the puppies, playing with them, and allowing unstructured exploration.

You are open to new ideas

Switching from traditional training to bond-based requires a willingness to confront personal biases and learn new ways of understanding the world. Can you and your family members do that?

You want a best friend

Your primary goal is to be as connected to your dog as possible. You don't care what you do together so long as it IS together, and you can't wait to get to know your new best friend.

You value ethics highly

As far as you're concerned, the end does NOT justify the means. You're willing to do things the hard way if that is the best, most effective, and kindest way. Your dog's happiness is of top priority.

Commitments Required

  • You agree to all coaching sessions with the trainer being recorded for the purposes of social media/online lesson content. You release the rights to any content we film or photograph.

  • You agree to try to film some home videos of your puppy and allow us to post and share the videos you send us, and release the rights of anything you send to us for commercial use.

  • You agree to abide by the principles of the bond-based approach to the best of your ability. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Freely sharing safe people-food items with your dog

    • Using imitation and modelling to teach things instead of luring or clicker training

    • Sleeping with your puppy in your bedroom

    • Prioritizing your puppy's confidence and understanding of the world.

  • You commit to providing your puppy with unconditional love and care.

  • You commit to incorporating your puppy into daily life and teaching your puppy something about the world every day.


Is This Positive Reinforcement Training?

No, but it IS force-free. Bond-Based goes BEYOND positive reinforcement and behaviorism. Lots of treats, just not conditional on the dog pleasing us sufficiently.

The goal is not to manipulate the puppy's behavior but help the puppy learn the way a child learns. We are certified AnimalKind and will never ask you to use aversive or force-based tactics on your pup.

Where Can I Learn More?

To learn more about the Bond Based Approach, please look up Jennifer Arnold's book Love Is All You Need, which is available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook. You can also check out the bond-based workbook she created by clicking the link at the top of the page.

Will You Protect My Privacy?

To the best of our ability, yes. We will not release your name or location without your permission. If you like we can try to reduce occurrences of your face, but we cannot guarantee that, and that may leave you exposed to facial recognition technology. If you don't like being on the internet, this probably isn't for you.

Do I Have Rights To My Own Content?

If you take videos or photo of your puppy either for personal use or for sharing on your own social media, you keep all rights to it, EXCEPT for the footage you create for us and send to us for our own use. Anything you make for your own personal purposes is still yours!

If you are a content creator we are happy for you to share the content you make with your subscribers, whether or not you have sent it to us.

What If I Don't Live Near Vancouver?

If you live outside of our service area, this is not ideal but still okay! It's worth applying anyway. Coaching sessions would be by video and you could give us permission to record the sessions.