Carol Millman B.Sc, AHT, CPDT-KA, CTDI

Dog Training in the Lower Mainland

Carol Millman (she/her/they) lives in Port Coquitlam and works in the Lower Mainland. Her autism diagnosis gives her a unique perspective which she brings to her work with both dogs and people.

Originally hailing from Nova Scotia, Carol has lived in four provinces and the island of Curacao in the Caribbean. She holds a science degree in Psychology from Mount Allison University and a diploma in Veterinary Technology form University of Guelph.

As part of her veterinary technology practicum, Carol was granted a fantastic opportunity to study at the Vancouver Aquarium. At VanAqua she was privileged to oversee and participate in the care and treatment of the dolphins, belugas, sea lions, and harbour seals, as well as reptiles, fish, and even marmosets!

Her time working as a veterinary nurse culminated in becoming the Director of Medical Services at Healing Paws Veterinary Care in Port Moody. However, Carol's primary passion has always been training dogs.

In 2008 Carol was thrilled to be hired at Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS) as an Apprentice Advanced Instructor.

At PADS Carol trained and placed assistance dogs for people in wheelchairs, hearing dogs for the Deaf, and facility therapy dogs. She also ran puppy classes and assisted in the daily care of the dogs in training.

Amelia and Carol founded Wag The Dog Training in 2011 and have been training privately ever since.

Carol is married to her nonbinary partner Quinn (they/them), and they have two awesome neuro-spicy kids.

Carol is an enthusiastic, positive, and gentle - if somewhat scatterbrained - educator who uses her background in Animal Health and Psychology daily in her work.

She also writes on occasion for the website Neuroclastic.

You can read her articles here.

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