Best of the Barking Butler

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Have you ever wished your dog could pass your husband that wrench? Or that you could send your dog to the garden with a note for mother? One of the best tricks you can teach your barking butler is to deliver objects to targets. In this article, we will go through the 3 simple steps it takes to teach your dog to deliver an object to another person. Teach ‘take it to mom/dad’ Pre-requisite training: Retrieving is required, knowing names … Continue reading “Best of the Barking Butler”

Accepting And Guiding Your Dog’s Choices

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People are always trying to make their dog be good. They drag the leash this way and that, choke the dog, pick up the dog, physically force it to do what they want while insisting “sit sit sit sit SIT!”. But it keeps on trying to misbehave. Unless something changes, they will live in a constant state of war. Don’t fight your dog. Don’t try to force your dog to do your bidding, because it will just make the dog … Continue reading “Accepting And Guiding Your Dog’s Choices”

Dog Walk a Drag?

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Follow this one rule: Don’t follow your dog. Loose leash walking really is that simple but if it was that easy, no one would have invented the choke chain–and your dog wouldn’t still be pulling. It is easier to teach a dog to fetch beer from the fridge than to remain at heel while a cat runs across the street but it is well worth the effort, and here’s why: Collars can damage the trachea when a dog lunges and … Continue reading “Dog Walk a Drag?”

Why Training A Stubborn Dog Is Easy

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I love to meet a stubborn dog. Too many people think that “stubborn” is a negative trait in a dog, and it certainly can be, especially if you employ traditional training methods that pit you and your dog into a battle of wills against each other. If you tell your Shiba Inu, “get in here, or else!” you can guarantee the dog will be asking “or else… what?” However, when harnessed correctly, stubbornness is a fantastic trait, because it makes … Continue reading “Why Training A Stubborn Dog Is Easy”

You Don’t Need Treats Forever: How To Give Your Dog A Gambling Problem

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Are You Hooked On Treats? When we come to your home and say that we want to teach your dog to sit, lie down, stay, and heel (as well as play dead, close your cupboard doors, ring a bell to go outside, spin in a circle, fetch your keys, jump over your leg and so on…), the first thing we will do is ask you to bring out the high value treats. Many owners are reluctant to give their dogs … Continue reading “You Don’t Need Treats Forever: How To Give Your Dog A Gambling Problem”

Why Everyone Should Own A Long Line

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If you own a dog, you should own a long line. This is true especially if your dog is a young puppy just learning how to walk off leash and come when called. Short leashes tempt people to drag their dogs around. Not only does this teach the dog that a tight leash is normal, but the dog doesn’t learn anything. Even worse, a tight leash can cause behavior problems, especially when encountering other dogs. And why use a short … Continue reading “Why Everyone Should Own A Long Line”

Deconstructing Dominance: The Science Behind Wag The Dog

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Is Your Dog Fighting For Dominance? Perhaps one of the most commonly touted tenets of dog training is “be the leader”. Whether the family dog is jumping up, growling, biting, or tugging at the leash, owners are advised by professionals and dog hobbyists alike to “lead the pack”. It sounds good, and it’s an easy line for lay people to take – “Oh, your dog is misbehaving? You need to be the pack leader and be more dominant.” Advice for … Continue reading “Deconstructing Dominance: The Science Behind Wag The Dog”

Controlling Your Dog’s Fear

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Along with more exercise, one of the most common blanket-solutions for various dog behavior problems is Obedience Training, and many of our clients wonder “why?” After all, if we’ve been called in to see a dog who is terrified of trucks, why are we talking about down-stays and sit-stays? Isn’t that like going to see a doctor for a sore ankle and being told you need to massage your left arm? First, let me say that obedience training is not … Continue reading “Controlling Your Dog’s Fear”