Best of the Barking Butler

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Have you ever wished your dog could pass your husband that wrench? Or that you could send your dog to the garden with a note for mother? One of the best tricks you can teach your barking butler is to deliver objects to targets. In this article, we will go through the 3 simple steps it takes to teach your dog to deliver an object to another person. Teach ‘take it to mom/dad’ Pre-requisite training: Retrieving is required, knowing names … Continue reading “Best of the Barking Butler”


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Peek-a-boo is such a cute dog trick! Your dog learns to pop up between your legs, which is a fun game some dogs discover on their own (typically, while in attendance at formal parties.) I’ve taught my dogs to ‘peek-a-boo-you’ so that  I can send them to goose someone else (while in attendance at informal parties, mostly.) Though, this trick can be classy; adding ‘chorus line kicks,’ so that your dog walks dramatically along with you will delight any dog … Continue reading “Peek-a-boo!”

Dog Training Secrets Of The Stars

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If your dog is ever going to be a star, they’ll need to learn how to hit their mark, and perform! Your dog may know a few cool tricks, but can they get up on stage, or stand up in front of a camera, without you by their side? One of the most difficult skills your dog will ever learn is how to work at a distance. Dogs generally respond well when they are within a few feet of their … Continue reading “Dog Training Secrets Of The Stars”


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Teach your pup to target your fingers. This alternate recall is fantastic, and not just because you can literally point your fingers and your dog will be there. ‘Touch’ is also an easy first step to these cool tricks: Opening and closing doors Closing cabinets and drawers Ringing a bell or pushing a button Turning on/off lights Hearing dog skills such as: alerting to a baby’s cry or a dropped object. Sending the dog to family members by name: ‘go … Continue reading “Touch”

Jump Over My Leg

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Got a leg? Then teach your dog to jump over it! This trick is easy, fun, and will burn energy almost anywhere. Teach your dog to jump over your leg Jumping over and over isn’t for puppies, wait until your dog is at least 1.5 years old, 2 for giant breeds before teaching this trick. Begin with your foot against a wall, fence, or tree. Save your hamstring the trouble and keep your foot low, it will help your dog … Continue reading “Jump Over My Leg”

Hoop Jump

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Teach your dog to jump through a hula hoop! You probably have one lying around, and if not, they aren’t hard to come by, which makes this trick an easy bet for summer fun! What you’ll need: A hula hoop large enough for your dog to jump through, treats, and an adult dog. You can find hula hoops at toy stores and dollar stores. Make sure that the hoop isn’t designed to make noise,  drain any noisemaking beads if necessary … Continue reading “Hoop Jump”

Teach your dog to do ‘laundry’

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This article will describe how simple it is to teach your dog to put laundry into a basket, or toys in a box, or trash in a can. If your dog already loves to retrieve, you could teach this trick to your dog within a week, training for just a few minutes a day! When we teach dogs to retrieve, we begin with soft, easy items like socks, and advance to leather, wood, plastic, and finally metal items. Helping with … Continue reading “Teach your dog to do ‘laundry’”

Leap Dog!

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Got 2 dogs? Teach them this fun trick! When you have 2 dogs, they tend to get really good at obedience, learning to lie ‘down’ patiently while the other dog is trained, and they get really good at listening for their name, so that they know when it is finally their turn! Sometimes though, it is nice to teach a trick that the two of them can do together. Because this trick involves one dog jumping over another, you’ll need … Continue reading “Leap Dog!”