Base Rates, Programs and Memberships

General Training Rates

  • One-Time In Person Consult:


  • One-Time Phone/Video Consult:


  • Private Follow Up Session:

    $199-$250 (depending on type and location)

  • Private Follow Up Phone/Video Call:

    $30/40 per 30 minutes

  • Free for Active Clients:

    Group Off Leash Fun Meet

    Group Online Check Ins and Dog Talk

    Facebook Support Group

    Text Support: membership only

Puppy Prodigy Program

$2999/year or $1200/three months

Raise a puppy prodigy!

Our program is focused on bond-building and brain-building to help your puppy grow to be the best friend you dream of.

Wag Your Dog Program

$999 / two months

From Boisterous to Bonded in eight weeks!

Our intensive two month relationship and manners-building program will change your relationship with your dog forever.

Service Dog Foundations Program

$1400, or $999 for online-only

From Newbie to Knowledgeable in 2 months!

Designed and run by our professional service dog trainers, this program unlocks the pro secrets to raising and training service dogs.

Advanced Service Dog Program


Will you be our newest government-certified graduate?

Applicants must have passed either our Foundations program or our Puppy Prodigy Program.

We're with you for the whole journey.

When you work with us, you don't just rent us for an hour here or there, or even for a couple of months. We join you in a partnership with a mutual goal - to help your dog become their best self.

Our clients become friends with us and often with each other, because Wag The Dog is a community, not just a dog training business.

Active long-term members of Wag The Dog get 24/7 access to the following:

  • FREE Group Sessions Online And In-Person

    • Weekly online check ins, and group chat where we can get together and talk dogs.

    • Fun group off leash meet ups.

  • Online Facebook Community:

    • Filled with dog guardians like you to share your triumphs and troubles with.

  • Trainer by Text:

    • Have a problem? Text your trainer! We can't always respond right away, but she'll get back to you as soon as she can. Note: A surcharge of one cute dog picture per text conversation may be applied!

  • Exclusive Content and New Programs:

    • Our website is loaded with members-only content. From socialization checklists to how-to videos and exclusive articles on how to deal with various problems, we've got all kinds of support for you, even when your trainer is asleep.

    • Better yet, ongoing members get free first-user access to our newest programs, online lessons and content.

  • Dog Products:

    • Get members-only access to dog supplies from training treats to agility equipment ranging from discounted to wholesale prices!

A La Carte


Our most flexible option

An A La Carte Membership gets you the membership benefits listed above, plus 20% off of our base rates for group or private training sessions.

Great for distance clients or those who need just the occasional bit of help.



Our most popular option

A Standard Membership entitles you to up to two private sessions monthly, 20% off any additional private sessions, and access to discount prices on products.

Great for those who want to keep on track with a training plan or aim for a particular goal.



Our most powerful option

A VIP Membership grants up to 4 training sessions a month. You can also apply your credits to certain products, and others you can buy at wholesale prices.

Great for those who want in-depth support to achieve their goals with their dog.

Looking To Join Us? Apply Today.

We wish we could accept everyone who wants to join our programs, but unfortunately there aren't enough of us to go around. If you think you and your dog would be a good fit for our programs, please do apply, but we cannot guarantee admission - we may not have room for you in our schedule.

We encourage interested folks to plan ahead - if possible, reach out before your puppy comes home! Once we have processed your application, if we think we may have room for you we will arrange an admission interview so we can get to know you and figure out if we are a good fit for your needs. If we aren't, we'll help you find the trainer who we think would suit you best.

Ready to get started?

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