Dogs love to help. Many people with disabilities have found increased independence through the assistance of a trained canine companion.


Our trainers have experience with training assistance dogs and therapy dogs:

  • Hearing Alert Dogs
  • Power Wheelchair Dogs
  • Manual Wheelchair Dogs, including Wheelchair Pulling Dogs
  • Bracing Dogs
  • Therapy and Social Support Dogs

If you are looking for help training your pet dog to perform service-dog skills and functions, give us a call!

We can help teach your dog how to:

  • Open and close doors and cupboards
  • Retrieve dropped items
  • Fetch named items such as clothes, the phone etc.
  • Pick up and put away items
  • Alert you to door knocks, phone rings and smoke alarms
  • Pull a manual wheelchair up a ramp or hill
  • Provide bracing support while walking or going up and down stairs

Are you looking to provide public access for your dog?

Unfortunately, we cannot help you. Only a registered service dog school can provide you with a formally trained dog that is granted legal access to public places such as stores and movie theaters.

To learn more about service dog laws in British Columbia please visit the Ministry of Justice website.

2 thoughts on “Assistance At Home

  1. Hi I was wondering if there were any classes that you offer training puppies to be therapy dogs? I don’t need a therapy dog but would like to volunteer at the local hospital and bring relaxation and happiness to the patients awaiting chemo.

  2. All of our puppy classes aim to raise a calm, friendly, well behaved canine citizen, ideal for therapy! We don’t have anything specific, though, because it’s our goal for every dog!

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