Trick Dog Titles

One of the best things about owning dogs is having fun with them. Almost every household has taught their dog at least one or two cute tricks, and many would love for their dog to learn more. In fact, trick training is one of the best ways to build a good relationship with your dog and to provide a positive outlet for your dog’s extra energy.

tricktitleHave you ever seen the Superogs at the PNE? Would you like your dog to be able to do tricks like that?

Dog Trick training is a kind of sport, like Agility or Fly Ball, and it incorporates many of the same elements. Unlike competitive sports, the sport of Dog Tricks is a personal one, which you and your dog can work on at home. There is no win or lose, just silliness and fun!

Our Certified Trick Dog Instructors will get you started in the world of Dog Tricks and will help your dog get a Novice, Intermediate, Expert, even Champion title through the Do More With Your Dog sanctioning body.

Why Get A Title?

There are several great reasons for earning a Trick Dog Title with your dog.

  • Pride in accomplishment: It feels great knowing that you and your dog have worked toward and achieved a goal together, and it feels even better to have that formally acknowledged.
  • Pride in your dog: Get used to hearing people say, “your dog is SO smart! I wish mine could do stuff like that.”
  • Joy in your relationship: Nothing builds a bond with your dog like trick training.
  • Fewer Behaviour Problems: Trick training helps focus your dog’s energies on positive outlets, and many unpleasant behaviours melt away when the owner begins a focused trick training regimine.
  • Low in Pressure: Work at your own pace. You don’t have to worry about the competitive nature of many other dog sports, and you don’t need to travel to events in order to earn your next title.
  • High in Fun: Your dog gets to play with agility equipment, search for the phone in the couch cushions, and then ride a skateboard. When your dog leaps through a hoop you made out of your arms, says their prayers on the bed, and then picks up their toys and puts them away for you, you will be having so much fun that your face will ache!

I’m already involved in other dog sports. Why add Dog Tricks to the list?

soccerThe great thing about having a dog who is familiar with Agility or Fly Ball is that your dog already knows some of the things you need to achieve a Dog Trick  Title.

But unlike Agility or other dog sports, you can practise this in the evenings, in your living room.

Working on Dog Tricks will help build your reward timing and your relationship with your dog, so that when the next event comes around, your dog will be even more enthusiastic and have an even closer connection with you.

I’m not sure I want a “circus dog”.

Maybe you think your dog doesn’t need to know a bunch of tricks, but your dog would say otherwise. Dogs need jobs, and when you don’t keep them busy, they’ll often pick their own occupations, like digging in the yard, barking, or breaking into the garbage.

On the whole, a bunch of cool tricks sound like a much better outlet, don’t you think? Especially since many of them are useful – bringing you the phone when it rings, fetching you a soda from the fridge, and sniffing out the remote control when you lose it!

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