Private Training


Private Training…

…Is Effective Training

Dogs are very specific learners.

You can teach a dog something at home, then take him to your friend’s house, tell him to sit… and he will act like he has no idea what you are talking about!

Dogs learn best under low distraction.

It is easier to train your dog at home or at a familiar location, under low distraction, than in a brand new place full of other dogs.

That’s why group classes can be a bit of a gong show! The dogs are always trying to visit each other, while the owner is trying to listen to what the instructor is saying from across the room.

Then, when you take your dog home, he has forgotten everything he learned in class, because home is a different location. He learned to sit at class, not in your kitchen!

Get Undivided Attention

A lot of learning how to handle your dog involves training your mouth and body to say and do the right things at the right time.

A trainer can’t give you in-the-moment feedback while doing the same thing for ten other people simultaneously.

That’s why we believe the most effective training happens one-on-one at home.  

We can devote our full attention to you, and your dog, and your needs, and your questions.

We have had clients who took group classes with another trainer, and private sessions with us, and they tell us that one hour with Wag The Dog was worth an entire set of group classes.

We are there for you.

We will come to your home, your local dog park, your grandmother’s house… wherever you need us to be.

We will come when you need us to come – evenings, weekends… whenever is convenient for you.

We will teach what you need us to teach – whether it is tricks, leash walking, obedience, or solving behavior problems. We personalize our curriculum to you and your dog.

If you are sick, or have a family emergency, or simply a change in your schedule, then just give us a call! We understand that life happens, and besides – class can’t happen without you!

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