Dogs, Kids, and Safety

Who Says Dogs And Kids Don’t Mix?


Many dog trainers insist on adult handlers in their dog training classes.

Children are smaller, weaker, and have poorer reflexes than adults, which makes it easy for the family pooch to walk all over them.

At Wag The Dog, we say that this is why your children SHOULD handle the dog in our sessions!

We love to work with kids of any age, because when kids become effective dog handlers, everyone in the family benefits.

With correct handling a dog can be trained to walk nicely on leash for even the smallest family member, and we practise what we preach!

Check out this video of trainer Carol Millman’s one year old learning to walk the family dog:

So, whether you have a budding dog trainer at home who wants to teach her dog some tricks, or whether you have a tormenting tot that your dog needs to learn gentleness with, Wag The Dog is always happy to help.

Because when mixed correctly, dogs and kids are a fantastic combination.

Dog Handling Safety

Kids have the potential to be great with dogs… but most don’t come by it naturally.

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From six months onwards, young children are constantly trying to do the things that they should never, ever be allowed to do – crawl on the dog, pull the dog’s fur/tail/ears, poke the dog’s eyes, grab the dog around the neck, ride the dog like a pony, and so on.

Most of our clients report that their dog is rougher with their kids, but admit that their children egg the dog on by initiating rough play to begin with.

Even if your family dog loves to be tortured (the average Pug or Golden Retriever comes to mind…) other dogs may not. Children who are used to handling their own dog roughly are more likely to treat other dogs in the same way.

And that’s how dog bites happen.

Our safe-handling course will help teach your kids how to handle a dog correctly, and will teach you how to enforce correct behaviour from both dog and kid.

In this three session course, we will cover:

  • Patting dogs correctly
  • How to walk a dog on a leash
  • How to give a command
  • How to play with a dog
  • How to read a dog’s body language
  • How to teach a dog a new trick
  • How to get your dog to listen to your child’s commands

Children of all ages are eligible for this course, and we will even teach adults who don’t feel comfortable with their dog handling!

Don’t have a dog?

No problem!

We will supply a dog – or several – to families who want to teach their child dog safety but don’t have a dog of their own.

Don’t have a kid… yet?

We also offer preparing-for-baby courses.

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