$1999 / 52 weeks
This package takes you through our puppy prodigy program.

We will meet regularly over a 4-6 month period, as we take you through the entire program at your own pace.

You'll also receive a Puppy Prodigy supply pack, plus a year's membership, which gives you access to the Facebook Community, online content, group meet-ups, weekly online group chats, and access to products. 

unlimited usage / pet
special pricing per pet
$199 / calendar month

Get two private or up to three group sessions per month.

Access dog supplies at cheaper prices.

You'll also get access to our exclusive online community, group video check-ins, and exclusive online content. 

3 / month / client
special pricing for services
$399 / month
Unlimited access to private and group classes.

Access to free and deeply discounted dog supplies including agility equipment, training platforms and more.

Not to mention our online community, video check-ins, exclusive online content and all those perks that come along with standard membership.

unlimited usage / client
special pricing for services
$12 / calendar month
Don't feel able to commit to a certain number of sessions a month? Unsure of which program will fit you? Going on vacation? This a la carte membership gives you discounted rates and lets you maintain access to our online content, online community, video check-ins and group classes.
unlimited usage / client
$2 / month
Certified Service Dogs are eligible for the Graduate Membership, which allows you to continue using your Wag the Dog gear, access to our online community, and join group meetups for free! It also includes a pre-certification tune up before your certification renews every two years.
unlimited usage / client
special pricing for services