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10 Foot Agility Tunnel (out of stock)


GST + PST 12% (+$21)

This 10 foot long, 24 inch wide tunnel is made of heavy duty (670 grams per square metre) PVC, with 8 inches between each ring. This is good enough for competition but small enough for your back yard.

Mold resistant, can withstand rain and sun.

Collapses to a tire-sized doughnut for travelling and storing.

Pick up in Port Coquitlam or, if you are a client, have it delivered at your next appointment.

Beginner Jump Set

GST + PST 12% (+$11.88)

One adjustable-height hoop jump suitable for indoor or outdoor use and one adjustable-height PVC indoor/outdoor jump with safety-bar which will not trip or injure your dog.

The bar will roll off easily, helping you avoid twisted legs or knees, and ensuring your dog completes their jump safely - even if they mistake it for a limbo bar instead of a jump.

Pick up in Port Coquitlam or, if you are a client, have it delivered at your next appointment.

Cato Outdoors Training Board


GST + PST 12% (+$12)

Platforms are incredibly useful training devices.

The platform gives your dog a clearly defined place, and they can really FEEL when they step out of place due to the slight drop in height.

Guide dog schools use platforms extensively to teach dogs to stand straight, stop at curbs, and to go to designated places.

If you want to keep your dog focused on learning, get a platform!

Kuranda Crate Bed


GST + PST 12% (+$26.88)

Kuranda beds are well known in the dog world as
THE chew proof hammock bed.
Everyone uses them, from shelters to service dog schools like PADS.

Chew proof, easy to clean, and loved by dogs, this crate bed gives your puppy a comfortable place to relax that can't be ripped or shredded, and doesn't contribute to overheating.

This 33 3/4 by 22 1/8 bed will fit most large crates but measure yours to be sure!

-Chew proof aluminum frame

-Short Legs for optimal head-room

-Slim profile frame to maximize sleeping area

-Heavy Duty material for extreme durability

-Rated up to 175 lbs.

Lollipop Target Stick


GST + PST 12% (+$1.20)

Irresistibly cute and fun to use, this target stick is a good way to lead your dog around by the nose - literally!

Target sticks can be used to teach a wide variety of tasks, give your dog a place to focus on during heel exercises, and to direct dogs to unusual locations such as onto the scale at the vet's office.

Just follow your nose!

Note your preferred colour in your order. Pick up in Port Coquitlam or ask your trainer to deliver it at your next appointment.

Puppy/Small Breed Tunnel


GST + PST 12% (+$5.88)

Perfect for small breeds and puppies, this 6 foot long, 16 inch wide agility tunnel is small in size but not in value. Made of heavy duty PVC, it can withstand rain and sharp claws.

Pick up in Port Coquitlam or, if you are a client, have it delivered at your next appointment.

Weave Pole Set


GST + PST 12% (+$6.60)

This standalone set of weave poles can be used indoor our outdoor and is nice and stable - good for beginners. The base is hinged so you can zig-zag the poles or make them straight, according to your dog's needs.

Comes with 6 poles and the base. Easily foldable for travel.

Pick up in Port Coquitlam or if you are a client, ask your trainer to bring it to your next appointment.

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