Annie and Nikka, Hound Dog Rescues

Annie and Nikka hang with Doug

“They have showed us how to be better owners + trainers… very personal to the dog + owner. We recommend them to everyone we meet:)” –Christie Medaris

“We have learned much about what to do to calm our dogs, give Nikka confidence and train with direction. -We have more work necessary but most is behind us and we have a clear path to finish our work.” –Erik Flatekval

“There is this man and golden retriever that we see walking once in a while. We have NEVER been able to walk near this dog as Annie has always gone uuber crazy. Almost bordering aggressive with her body language and barking. The owner has said some really mean things to me in the past. And nikka has even been quite agitated with them.So yesterday I was walking the girlies and lo and behold this owner and dog rounded the corner!!!! Annie didn’t do anything!!!!!! I asked if we could meet dogs and Annie just sniffed and wagged her tail. The owner asked if Annie was the same dog!!! Woot woot!!! And then asked what we had been doing!!

He said that he couldn’t believe the change in her. He said that he was having trouble with his dog and socializing. I gave him Wag The Dog’s name and said we have been working really hard.No joke! Annie and nikka were the best behaved dogs I came across yesterday.” –Christi

Christi & Erik with Annie and Nikka, Hound Dogs