We loved Carol coming to our home and working with all of us at once. Watching her work with our dog was amazing! She got him to change his behaviour so fast! (And taught us what to do!) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Carol  has been an angel to our family helping us figure out our new puppy and how to help train him (us).  She came to our home at times that were convenient for our busy schedule and worked with all of us.  She showed us the basics, answered our latest questions, addressed our issues and basically trained our puppy while we watched.  We had homework to work on each week and we even had an outing to the dog park to help with socialization.  We got to pick the tricks we wanted to teach him and continue to progress the basics.  This has been an amazing experience for all of our family.  This is so much better than anything that you can read or watch.  I highly recommend her to everyone.  We are continuing to work with her because we are wanting to see how well disciplined/trained our puppy can be.

Lori Dalin with Walnut the Havanese Mix